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Outdoor gear for kids – review


A few winters back we were coming down from a fine day on the hill and came across two people coming up towards us exchanging loud words until they spotted us. We had a quick chat, it was dad and

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Gear test – Hooded fleece


Last winter I did a roundup of various midlayers and some of the feedback I got was that plain old fleece still has a lot of fans. This includes myself by the way, more often than not you’ll find me

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Daypacks – Group Test


A daypack is something most or all of us will have. It’s a rucksack to take all of our kit for a day in the hills, small enough to be easy to manage but sometimes big enough to carry your

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Outdoors trousers – Group Test

Trousers 3

The first thing you have to ask yourself is this; what do you want from your trousers? As odd as that might sound when you say it out loud it’s something you have to think about when looking at outdoor

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Lightweight boots – Group Test


Last month I looked at trail shoes and the best thing about doing that review was the comfort and flexibility for my feet during testing. The good news is that these are still qualities you can find in lightweight boots,

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Trail shoes – Group Test


I spent my early days running around the hills in trainers carrying a cheap rucksack with a nylon cagoule and a spare jumper in it. Before I knew it I was head to toe in technical gear, with big boots

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