Gear reviews

Give Me Shelter

Night time 2

Last December I included the Lomo Emergency Shelter as part of my winter gear round-up and it’s proved a useful bit of kit for getting out of the winter winds on the hills. Lunch can be eaten with a friend

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Backpacking Kit Test

BP Extras (4)

Most of my reviews on Walkhighlands have been a grouptest – a selection of similar or related items that I use and compare over time. This month is a little different with reviews of either a pair of test samples

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Book review: The Grahams & The Donalds


Climbing the Munros has long been a mainstream activity for hillwalkers, and many also aim to climb the Corbetts (Scottish peaks from 2500 to 3000 feet high), either after completing the Munros, or at the same time. Whilst a too-keen

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Midlayers Group Test

Midlayer extra 4

I had planned to make this month’s article a softshell jacket review with a nice selection of windproof all-rounder jackets for us to fight off the winter weather with. But as I sent requests out for samples it became clear

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Winter insulated jackets – Group Test

Winter Insulaion Extra (4)

There’s snow on the hills, lots of us will have vouchers to spend and the sales have started, so now’s probably the best time to look at one of the most expensive bits of kit you can buy: a warm

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Winter gear round-up


Finally there’s some snow on the high tops. This time last year I’d already used ice axe and crampons a few times and I was starting to get worried the past few weeks. Wouldn’t it be nice if the snow

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