Mapyx Quo - the latest Mapping Software....

Mapyx's Quo is the latest digital mapping software for your PC. We at Walkhighlands use it ourselves and have found it to be a great product, well-designed and easy to use - so good with partnered with its producers Mapyx. Drawing routes, making route profiles, downloading to your GPS - it's all a doddle with just a click or two on the mouse.

The full version of Quo is now free and can be used to load Walkhighlands routes into your GPS right now!

What is really great about Quo however is the pricing of Ordnance Survey maps, which you can buy online. They are available from just 99p per tile of 40km square (with a minimum purchase of 6 tiles). Or you could pay just £99.99 for the complete Landranger map of the UK, or £49.99 for the 1:50k maps covering all Scotland.

We're so keen on Quo that we decided to make our routes available for free download in Quo 2 format, so you can simply load them straight into Quo and then onto your GPS, or view them on whatever scale of mapping you choose to purchase.

Check out the Quo website now to download your copy

Quo beats the others out of sight....
my default mapping software after years of Memory Map....
stunning value....'

Dave Mycroft, Outdoorsmagic


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