Knott Rigg and Ard Crags

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Ard Crags, Knott Rigg
Date walked: 30/10/2014
Distance: 5.6km
Ascent: 326m
Views: 2959

Dale Head Round

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Cat Bells, Dale Head, High Spy, Hindscarth, Maiden Moor
Hewitts: Dale Head, High Spy, Hindscarth
Date walked: 29/10/2014
Distance: 15km
Ascent: 964m
Views: 3915

Steel Knotts

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Steel Knotts
Date walked: 26/10/2014
Distance: 4.07km
Ascent: 242m
Views: 3088

Grange Fell

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Grange Fell
Date walked: 25/10/2014
Distance: 7.11km
Ascent: 431m
Views: 2289

A Mardale Round

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Harter Fell (Far Eastern Fells), High Raise (Far Eastern Fells), High Street, Kidsty Pike, Mardale Ill Bell, Rampsgill Head
Hewitts: Harter Fell (Far Eastern Fells), High Raise (Far Eastern Fells), High Street, Rampsgill Head
Date walked: 06/09/2014
Distance: 16.5km
Ascent: 1030m
Comments: 1
Views: 5370

Little Hart Crag

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: High Pike (Eastern Fells), Little Hart Crag, Low Pike
Hewitts: Little Hart Crag
Date walked: 23/08/2014
Distance: 14.5km
Ascent: 755m
Views: 2200

Great Mell Fell

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Great Mell Fell
Date walked: 17/04/2014
Distance: 3.5km
Ascent: 270m
Comments: 1
Views: 2500

Catstycam and Birkhouse Moor

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Birkhouse Moor, Catstyecam
Hewitts: Catstyecam
Date walked: 16/04/2014
Distance: 12km
Ascent: 738m
Views: 4225

Blencathra via Hall's Fell

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Blencathra
Hewitts: Blencathra
Date walked: 15/04/2014
Distance: 8.72km
Ascent: 727m
Comments: 2
Views: 5667

Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd, Raise, Hart Side

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Great Dodd, Hart Side, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd, Watson's Dodd
Hewitts: Great Dodd, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd
Date walked: 14/04/2014
Distance: 18km
Ascent: 1050m
Comments: 4
Views: 6496

Clough Head via Old Coach Road

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Clough Head
Hewitts: Clough Head
Date walked: 13/04/2014
Distance: 14.3km
Ascent: 483m
Comments: 3
Views: 6702

Little Mell Fell

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Little Mell Fell
Date walked: 12/04/2014
Distance: 1.17km
Ascent: 119m
Views: 2150

High Rigg

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Wainwrights: High Rigg
Date walked: 12/04/2014
Distance: 1.61km
Ascent: 122m
Views: 559


Activity: Mountaineer
Pub: Dungeon Ghyll Hotel
Mountain: Helvellyn
Place: Skye
Gear: Boots
Member: National Trust
Ideal day out: Ridge walk

Fionas: 1
Wainwrights: 213
Hewitts: 97

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Trips: 4
Distance: 40.46 km
Ascent: 2406m
Hewitts: 5
Wainwrights 5


Trips: 3
Distance: 54.8 km
Ascent: 3064m
Hewitts: 4
Wainwrights 6


Trips: 5
Distance: 57.8 km
Ascent: 3562m
Hewitts: 4
Wainwrights 10


Trips: 6
Distance: 79.3 km
Ascent: 4714m
Hewitts: 6
Wainwrights 10


Trips: 5
Distance: 60.44 km
Ascent: 2797m
Hewitts: 6
Wainwrights 11


Trips: 8
Distance: 88.83 km
Ascent: 5520m
Hewitts: 5
Wainwrights 13


Trips: 4
Distance: 39.12 km
Ascent: 1979m
Hewitts: 3
Wainwrights 5


Trips: 11
Distance: 114.62 km
Ascent: 6272m
Hewitts: 11
Wainwrights 26


Trips: 4
Distance: 41.08 km
Ascent: 2648m
Hewitts: 7
Wainwrights 9


Trips: 13
Distance: 122.08 km
Ascent: 7257m
Hewitts: 14
Wainwrights 30


Trips: 11
Distance: 111.41 km
Ascent: 5792m
Hewitts: 4
Wainwrights 22


Trips: 12
Distance: 141.86 km
Ascent: 7824m
Hewitts: 9
Wainwrights 19


Trips: 10
Distance: 109.6 km
Ascent: 6371m
Hewitts: 11
Wainwrights 26

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