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Long distance with toddler

Long distance with toddler

Postby jemb87 » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:39 pm

Hi! We are eagerly looking forward to when we will be able to roam again. My husband and I would love to do a long-distance walk this summer but know we are probably best to book ahead now (obviously only refundable bookings). We want to stay overnight in BnBs, glamping, or self-catered accommodation - not fussed how luxurious it is as long as we don't have to bring a tent etc. We did part of the Moray Coast Trail a few years ago before our daughter turned 1 and it was so wonderful, but all last-minute.

We are probably going to plump for luggage transfer for the first time ever as we'll have our kid as well and we want to enjoy it rather than endure it. We also need a walk that is suitable for a rugged outdoor pram and that has facilities along the way. We are fit and able and our daughter actually loves walking too, she just won't be able to do 12+ miles on her own wee legs. With that in mind I thought the Fife Coastal Path was probably our best bet, but thought I'd see if any of you knowledgable lot have advice, perhaps there's another option we're not thinking of? Many thanks!
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Re: Long distance with toddler

Postby RiverSong » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:11 pm

Edinburgh to Glasgow via the Union Canal would be a great walk with a buggy because the paths are all good quality and it’s on the flat! It’s not much of a long distance walk but you could add to it ie by walking the water of leith in edinburgh then meet up with the canal. When you get to Falkirk you could walk from the canal to the Kelpies and back.
You could also look at the John Muir Way as it also has very good paths although you would need to skirt some sections as they’re little more than fields.
It’s a really nice thing to do, hope you write a report afterwards 😊
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Re: Long distance with toddler

Postby Sgurr » Tue Mar 23, 2021 8:06 pm

There is some really churned up path around St. Andrews. Cows are let loose on the area by the Rock and Spindle all winter and although it is drying out now, it is some while before their deep hoof prints get assimilated. Nearer to that is a stair case made of stone. You might be able to manhandle the buggy up it if she got out. Between that and the town the path fell away this winter. They are mid way through mending it, but it is still quite narrow. However, at present there is an alternative route from Rock and Spindle to the outskirts of St. Andrews via various cottages and farms, and that would still be available. Read up on the bit between Boarhills and St. Andrews, it is only passable at low tide, and the tide covers ROCKS not sand here.
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Re: Long distance with toddler

Postby jemb87 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:21 pm

Thank you for the insider knowledge Sgurr! Might be worth us bringing the baby carrier just for that part then. I'll have a look on the route page and see how feasible that is. You're right, of course, in that the kid can always get out and walk for a bit with one adult while the other carries the pram (thankfully it's quite light!). I'll be sure to look at that carefully.

And RiverSong, those are wonderful suggestions! I don't see any reason not to go and practise on the Union Canal actually, once we're allowed into the neighbouring counties. May be a great way to try out our kit and so on. And just get us out of the house! I'll check the John Muir Way, there might be a section that does exactly what we're looking for. I'll definitely write it up after!
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Re: Long distance with toddler

Postby Alex W » Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:46 pm

The John Muir Way is a good shout. JMW has a cycle route alternative, but from memory the bits avoided by the cycle alternative would still be possible with a buggy. It's not all flat btw, but is by no means mountainous. Combining the Forth & Clyde canal with the Union Canal and potentially Water of Leith would give over 2 weeks of walking at 12 miles per day. You wouldn't be too far from places to stay and transport links are good.
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