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'Save Our Hills Moffat' - Please help in any way you can

Re: 'Save Our Hills Moffat' - Please help in any way you can

Postby AspiringHiker » Sat Jul 10, 2021 9:13 am

GForce1 wrote:Erm.....I didn't type that. At no point did I say it's a scam.

You didn't, the quotes didn't work correctly and I didn't check preview before posting. My apologies it turned out wrong.
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Re: 'Save Our Hills Moffat' - Please help in any way you can

Postby lukemunrowalker » Wed Aug 04, 2021 7:31 pm

Great to see MP David Mundell is on board with the Save Our Hills campaign



GForce1 wrote:Except despite Scotland's moral stance on nuclear and gas we are totally reliant on them as a source of power.

When the wind's not blowing we seem to be happy to import power from south of the border generated from these 'unacceptable' sources. Total hypocrisy. Once Torness and Hunterston shut (in the near future) we will be totally dependent on imported power, mainly from natural gas.

As long as the overall system is not planned (and its not) there will be more and more speculative development. What we will end up with is a totally dysfunctional energy grid.

There are outside players waiting in the wings to step in with new gas power stations when the situation is totally out of control. They key thing is none of the current energy generators have any legal requirement to generate power...and they don't care. And they certainly don't care about protecting wild land.

My main objections are the lack of planning, companies profiteering from public money, building windfarms on peatland, and the harm being done to wild land. Our wild land, is maybe not truly 'wild', but is probably the most important natural resource we have. What's happening is similar to the 1980s forestry get rich scams, except the stakes are far higher.

GForce1 thank you for the great analysis and infos in the thread, you really need to get that information to the above mentioned MP if you can
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