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Walk Around Loch Katrine

Walk Around Loch Katrine

Postby TrishAlRob » Wed Aug 25, 2021 11:19 am

We set off yesterday at 1000 from the car park closest to Brig of Turk to take a walk round Loch Katrine. It is our first walk of the season so we chose this walk as we could see the footpath was good and the climbs were gentle. We thought the option of catching a ferry part way would but be great if the 14 miles was too much of a challenge. The scenery was breath taking and the peace and quiet was beyond compare. We didn't meet any other walkers once we were half an hour away from the pier but saw many cyclists enjoying the routes. We stopped to eat lunch by a little stream just before the boat house. We were delighted by the lack of litter and the fact that the path and surrounding area was so well maintained. As we got near Stronachlacher Pier we were really looking forward to something to eat and drink and as it was a beautiful day we didn't mind the thought of sitting there for a couple of hours if that is how long it would take to wait for a ferry. We were completely surprised to find the cafe closed when we arrived at 3.50 pm and shocked to see we had missed the last ferry - there are only 2 a day - one at 1130 and one at 3.30. We then saw that the path did not go all the way round Loch Katrine - which had not been made obvious when read the description of the walk. With no mobile signal or wifi - we could not get in touch with anyone to pick up up, nor see if there were any bus routes nearby. By this time we realised the walk round the lochside was likely a further 10 miles but no paths were shown on the map. We headed out in the direction of the traffic and were fortunately picked up by a very kind couple of tourists from Greater Manchester. They drove us the full 19.5 miles back to the car park we had started at. If it had not been for this act of human kindness the day could have been an absolute disaster. However we managed to have a fantastic walk, plenty of fresh air and exercise and have our faith restored in humanity
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Re: Walk Around Loch Katrine

Postby Navvarr » Thu Aug 26, 2021 8:39 pm

I've walked along a path from the foot of Ben Venue to Stronachlachar, there is an access road that takes you most of the way, however a bit more planning could have saved you a fair amount of stress surely? It's not difficult these days to check out where a path leads or doesn't lead and most Ferry times are generally on a timetable somewhere at the end of a Google search.

Good you got back though, most folks are helpful to other folks in my experience.
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Re: Walk Around Loch Katrine

Postby denfinella » Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:49 am

First of all, glad you managed to catch a lift, and didn't have to walk all the way back.

Assuming you're talking about the Walkhighlands description, it starts with:

This linear walk along picturesque Loch Katrine can be combined with the steamer sailing from Trossachs Pier. It can also be walked in the other direction, catching the afternoon sailing from Stronachlachar

When you say the description is unclear, I'm assuming you must have missed the bits I've highlighted in bold.

Also just a handy tip for your future walks - it's always worth clicking on "View route map" while at home before you go out for your walk, so you can get a better idea of the route and terrain.
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Re: Walk Around Loch Katrine

Postby BigTed » Fri Aug 27, 2021 6:06 pm

You can walk along the south side of Loch Katrine. Part of it involves a climb up to go through the Bealach Nam Bo as the loch shore is steep cliffs at that point.

In fact last night I was talking to a former work colleague who was part of a helicopter crew on a rescue for a walker who got stranded on steep ground there.

It is best done east to west as the Bealach is unmissable from that direction. Follow the track from the hotel along the south side of Achray Water. There is a good path right up to the Bealach. Coming the other way it is easy to go either too high or too low and get onto steep ground. Of course I'm talking about pre satnav days when I used to visit the Glasahoile bothy before the water board demolished it.

From the Bealeach going west, hold your height for a few hundred yards until the hillside opens out and yoiu can head back towards the shore. Roughly the orange line on the map. No path on this section but it is easy ground.

Once at the area of the former bothy there is a good track going along to the public road as there is (or was) a sheep shearing shed a hundred yards or so south of the bothy.

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