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Onshore Wind Farms

Onshore Wind Farms

Postby Benjaminnevis » Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:48 pm

the hideous monstrosity's should not be aloud any where on the UK mainland let alone the Munros and corbetts. :-x .


The Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) has launched its Manifesto on Onshore Wind Farms in which it calls for the Munros and Corbetts to be protected from the proliferation of wind farms in Scotland's push for renewable energy.

The MCofS believes Scotland can achieve its aims for renewable energy without industrialising our most important mountains. The MCofS is calling for an immediate moratorium on commercial wind farms which encroach on the highest mountains, the Munros (peaks over 3,000ft) and Corbetts (2,500-3,000ft). The MCofS says, “These are among our finest mountain landscapes and are vital to our cultural and historical identity. They form a clearly identifiable group and are among the last parts of the UK free from obvious, or extensive, human presence.”

“The manifesto reflects the determination of the MCofS to defend this precious resource and it examines some of the issues and proposes practical action to balance the need for clean energy with the need to conserve our natural heritage.”

Ron Payne, the MCofS Director of Landscape and Access, said: “The mountains and wild places of Scotland are a national asset beyond price, yet they risk being irrevocably damaged by commercial wind farm developments.”

He went on to say: “As the recognised representative body for Scottish mountaineers and hill walkers we believe our uplands and wild places are at risk from climate change. They are also in danger from our response to climate change – industrial-scale wind farms in landscapes which should remain wild. The threat is not just from individual schemes, but from their cumulative impact. With ever-more schemes in the pipeline we need urgent action.“

The manifesto can be found on the MCofS website.
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby NickyRannoch » Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:00 pm

I had my say on this on another thread but ill say it again. there are without doubt many areas in scotland that should be protected and not just in the national parks.

However by putting out a blanket statement saying they should not be near munros and corbetts is a ridiculous reactionary statement that leaves our representative body( ha ha!) with very little credibility on the issue.

I would rather a wind farm was built on the cairnwell than on the trotternish ridge. its beyond me people persist with this fantasy that by being a munro an area is automatically wild and unspoilt( actually its.not beyond me it is a lucrative industry).

Lets have a sensible debate on where windfarms and other human intrusion into the landscape are sited and where they are not. however, this manifesto is parochial, territorial and nimbyism on the largest of scales.
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby welshwalker » Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:17 pm

I don't think people realise the amount of roadwork that is put in with a wind farm, nor the bases which are sunk into peat bogs destroying thousands of years worth of nature.

I would stick them offshore, that way we also don't need to worry about giving landowners massive incentives to allow them to build on their land. These incentives are so big that there are actually intermediaries who work on behalf of energy companies, taking their cut.
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby Ranger » Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:42 pm

I don't wish to get into another debate on this but I'll make a couple of quick points.

If it's about money, the windfarms will sweep all before them - to the wind energy companies the monetary value of scenery and nature weighs in at a fat zero on their balance sheets. They are slaves to their shareholders who want profits.

As such you'd think we should put our trust in the public bodies to regulate this industry. One problem though...

Fat Salm is motivated solely by showing Scotland can stand on its own two feet and there's no chance of him or his party putting the brakes on anything that will hold back the march of the 'Wind Industry'.

It'll be up to the ordinary folk who care about Scotland's landscape and the NGOs who can see past the £ signs to make the stand, because our elected representatives certainly won't.
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby benno » Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:02 pm

I'm not sure what I make of the MCofS idea of protecting all Munros and Corbetts just because of their place on those lists and status as the 'most important mountains' in Scotland. For example, I would much rather see a windfarm go up on Carn Aosda (an already industrialised hill) or Carn na Caim than Stac Pollaidh (good luck getting one up there :lol: ), West Lomond or Arthur's Seat, but here the MCofS seem to only have urged protection based on height. I know it's all with the right intention and to all intents and purposes the highest mountains are the most important, but why the MCofS can't extend their blessing of protection to all of the 'important' or 'iconic' hills regardless of height seems a wee bit silly to me.
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby Benjaminnevis » Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:07 pm

Would i be correct in thinking a national park such as the cairngorms would be protected from wind farms.
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby Gythral » Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:47 pm

Benjaminnevis wrote:Would i be correct in thinking a national park such as the cairngorms would be protected from wind farms.

Not really! there are plans waiting on a Public Enquiry (jobs for the boys, waste of our money) for areas just out side the park and visible from most high points and most of the northern park (Allt Diune - Kincraig)
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Re: Onshore Wind Farms

Postby yellowbelly » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:22 pm

Why not on Arthur's Seat? It's nearer to more consumers and will save pylons across countryside.
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