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Re: Bidean Nam Bian

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:29 pm
by joshquigg
abbruce wrote:I was on Bidean on 29th May & there was still snow backed up for about 500 feet at the path to the Lost Valley. This made it pretty tricky to descend. It was manageable by scrambling down to the right of the snow as you look from the top, but the earth & moss were steep & pretty slippy.

I stuck on my microspikes & get down no bother at all. I carried a 22l day pack & it did hamper me on a couple of occasions getting down. I'm pretty sure I'd have struggled carrying anything much larger.

Obviously that was a month ago so it should be clearer. When I was there, the snow was worse that in the pictures above & reached right up to the plateau. At that time, reversing the route would've had the same issues I fear.

Good luck.


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the info and swift reply, hopefully in a months time the snow will be nearly all gone. In any case, perhaps doing it with day packs is the safer bet.

Thanks again,