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mount blair

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:40 pm
by munrojo
thought id write a small note about mount blair set off around 1130 yesterday from home in fife across the tay to dundee where we changed cars and carried on with my mates ivan, and wulls, to lower glen shee area from blairgowrie to the hamlet of cray off the b951 the road through glen isla. set off from the car which we parked a bit forward opposite the gate where the track leads all the way to the summit and the scar on the landscape called a transmitter "those who dissaprove say aye" :( about an hour to the top we got there and had a break for lunch good sunny weather on the summit i noticed the toposcope had plates removed showing the munros in its sites can anyone tell me if its been the weather through the time this structure was errected, or hopefully not ,foul play to gain trophies. :shock: will do a blog on it with pictures soon cheers all :D