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Livestock, Your Tips and Advice Pls

Re: Livestock, Your Tips and Advice Pls

Postby rgallie » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:22 am

Did Geal Charn (Monadhliath) on Sunday. On my return a herd with calfs was grazing right at where the dirt track meets the road on the West side of Garva bridge (right next to it). This thread came to mind and I couldn't remember if I had read any horror stories on it so I dropped down to the river that flows under the bridge then clambered back up and over the wall of the bridge and hurried across :lol:
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Re: Livestock, Your Tips and Advice Pls

Postby SAVAGEALICE » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:17 pm

rodderss wrote:i was out walking with the dog last year who was on the lead,crossing a field with cows at the far side a fair bit away.about half way across the field they clocked us and started running towards us.We upped the pace a bit without running and they kept on coming .I realised that there was no way I was reaching the fence before they reached us, cows now about 40 metres away and still charging. I thought best thing was to let the dog of the lead and take off to the fence.

Well my dog started running toward the cows which had the effect of the cows turning tale and her in pursuit of them(by this time I was bravely over the fence)

She chased them to the end of the field when the cows decided enough was enough and reversed the roles now chasing my dog who must of been running out of steam as half way back across the field she ended up in the middle of them.

Now nearly back at my side of the field the cows slowed and my dog came running out in front of them over to me at the fence.I really though she was trampled .not a good feeling at all.

Won't let my dog off the lead in a field of cows again. I won't go hillwalking if I have any inkling that there are cattle around..
In hindsight like a scene from a comedy sketch but not at all good at the time.

Anybody have any experience of dogs and reindeer as thinking about the Cromdale grahams but unsure if it's suitable with a dog due to the reindeer.

I had a bit of a scarey encounter on the Cromdale Grahams.
I had my dog with me .
We met a herd of Reindeer on the plateau. They spotted us and came charging over to us.
At first they were circling us .
They spotted the dog.
One of the Reindeer took a dislike and was trying to kick my dog.
Didn’t really know what to do. ??
I was relieved when they eventually lost interest.
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Re: Livestock, Your Tips and Advice Pls

Postby spiderwebb » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:40 pm

Many years ago when I was in my teens I was visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle in Oxfordshire (Poffley End, Hailey near Witney). We always had a day or two fishing and on this occasion we were fishing along a river bank in a field of cows plus bull. At the start they were way over the far side didn't even realise they were in our field.

I was on the bank between my dad and my Great Uncle when the herd including the bull eventually wandered over. The cows stood back but the bull came up to each of us in turn, my dad first then to me. My Great Uncle, who had worked on a farm for much of his life) called over and just said 'sit still boy, he won't hurt you while he's got his girls with him' :shock: :shock: I sat there dead still, at the time I couldn't swim, but I was prepared to jump in the river. The bull came right up behind me sniffing my neck, close enough to feel his breath on me, needless to say I was a shivering wreck, but the bull sauntered down the bank to sniff out the rest of our party.

I don't know if there is any truth in bulls being 'docile' :lol: when they have their ladies about, as others have said, the sheer bulk of these animals is enough not to want to put any advice fully to the test !
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Re: Livestock, Your Tips and Advice Pls

Postby rodderss » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:11 am

Savagealice.thanks for that info.another one to give a miss with the dog then
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