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Mental health/hillwalking

Re: Mental health/hillwalking

Postby 3peaker » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:18 am

My mental health suffered greatly after suffering a heart attack back in December 2017 - 2 days after celebrating my 60th birthday and 2 days before Christmas. The following 10 long days in hospital did not help my mental health - I had a very small window above my bed in hospital and I sat on the bed looking out with a great deal of depression wondering whether or not I would ever get out and back to walking in the hills.
Fortunately I escaped from the hospital just into the New Year and spent the rest of 2018 regaining my health and fitness - this included my mental health and overcoming depression knowing in the back of my mind that one day I would be able to get back into the hills. It took some time but eventually I managed a slow walk up Snowdon later that year with a couple of friends and a number of walks around the Peak District. Earlier in 2019 I managed to climb up Helvellyn via striding edge with a group of friends. This was a mighty leap forward for myself in many ways and gave me a great deal of confidence in my own ability not only to enjoy walking in the hills, climb and scramble along a difficult ridge but the benefits to my mental health and having a more positive outlook to life rather than a very negative one that came along after my heart attack.
At the time of heart attack I only had 10 munro`s to complete my first round of munro`s and this was the only thing on my mind for 18 months of rehab and fitness training - I guess it did become an obsession to return to Scotland and complete my remaining munro`s.
I am pleased to report that the remaining 10 munro`s have now been climbed during April & May 2019 finishing off with Ben Challum (also known as Malcolm`s Hill) on Sunday 26th May sadly in terrible weather conditions - reason enough for returning in the future to climb Ben Challum again on a good day.
I enjoy the hills because of the freedom that they offer for free in this crazy world, plus the enjoyment of being part of a walking group or the lovely solitude if walking on your own and the way that all of life problems & issues seem to melt away in the hills and mountains.
My thanks to all my friends for their support and Stepping Hill hospital, Stockport for looking after me and my 4 brave friends who managed to climb Ben Challum with me last Sunday- not forgetting my other friends who found the strong winds, heavy rain & low cloud not very enjoyable and turned around at various points. We all returned safe for a night of celebrating in Tyndrum and Crianlarich. Life in this old ticker yet.
Regards Malcolm
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Re: Mental health/hillwalking

Postby Krystalized » Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:49 am

Walkinmyfootsteps wrote:Healthy body healthy mind.
Easy four words but it’s a winner

Couldn't say it better. That's the main reason I started hillwalking.
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