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Hello! A Return to the Hills....

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:01 pm
by JFMurray
Hello Walkhighlanders!
(I hope that is the correct term to use)

Terrific website! I joined a few months ago but wanted to find some specific photos before posting an introduction. Now I've found them, here goes.

I climbed my first Munro a week before my 7th birthday. It was Beinn Narnain, and I remember I enjoyed scrambling through the Spearhead. More trips followed and by the end of that summer season I had climbed 19. However, I remember a particular wet, cold, early September morning where I was totally miserable climbing Meall Ghaordie. I could have been palying football! Needless to say, as a seven year old in a bad mood, I made my point the whole way up and down again. I remember my main complaint was the amount of grass on this 'mountain'. By this time I had also stood on top of the Cobbler, so I'd decided I preferred rocky mountains to grassy hills. My dad took this on board. The next mountain we did, just before my eighth birthday, was Liatach. The next after that, the Aonach Eagach. I loved it! I should stress that I was roped on most of the time on these trips - great care was taken. I did a handful more that year, and the next year ticked a Cuillin off the list - Sgurr na Banachdich - and visited (but didn't climb) the Inaccessible Pinnacle. After this though, I went off mountaineering and started to play football seriously into my teens. Until last year - a quarter of a century (eek!) after I bagged my first Munro - I'd never really been back to any hills, and certainly hadn't climbed a Munro.

However, my wife had heard me talk (for years on end!) about how brave I was to climb mountains as a kid, and decided she wanted to experience the hills. Since last summer she's bagged more than a dozen and I've revisited many summits I first achieved over 25 years ago - though not any of the 'scary' ones just yet. We did thread the needle on a gusty Cobbler last year - My wife was fine and just hopped up the ledge and up to the summit. I turned back on the first attempt but heard my seven year old self telling me it was a piece of cake, so worked up the nerve to go back and (eventually) got to the top. Like many of you, we're now spending a lot of the week discussing which hills we'll be heading to at the weekend! I hope to add some walk reports later, and participate in the forum where I can.

It seems I've got the bug back! :)

Intro over, now the photos. I looked these out because I figured I better back up my claims. Remembering these photos are from the eighties - my hair has now all but disappeared - but I like to think my fashion sense has at least stuck with times if not improved slightly!

Liatach :
Me on Liatach aged 7, May 1988!

Aonach Eagach :
Me on the Aonach Eagach, aged 8, June 1988!

Look at that 1980s dress sense in the background!

Cuillins :
(Another photo had been stuck to the front corner of this one and ruined it so I cropped it.)

Probably the closest I'll ever get!

Re: Hello! A Return to the Hills....

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:18 pm
by scoob999
Hello JF and welcome to the site
Looks like your not afraid of heights!
Hope i have the same courage when i tackle these hills