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What is the age of the oldest person to ascend Ben Nevis?

What is the age of the oldest person to ascend Ben Nevis?

Postby Fen Hillbilly » Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:10 pm

Hi everyone,

I am writing this as a 60 year old seasoned mountain walker. I have been up Ben Nevis a few times over the years. I took my father (NB the area we live in is 450 miles from Fort William) back in 2004. He wanted to go up Ben Nevis before reaching the venerable age of 80 (he reached that particular milestone on Xmas Day of that year). We walked up the Ben in mid May of 2004. Mission successfully accomplished!!

I have been trying to discover the age of the oldest person to go up the Ben ever since. I was intrigued to have now read a post by a lady named Karen. Her father reached the top of Ben Nevis shortly before his 83rd Birthday. Many, heartfelt, congratulations to him! I can now inform my own father.He is still going strong, though at 92 years old and with poor eyesight will not (sadly) be undertaking any more mountainous excursions. :clap: :D
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Re: What is the age of the oldest person to ascend Ben Nevis

Postby Sgurr » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:12 pm

Given that the oldest person to climb Everest was 80, you would think there should be quite a few octogenarians up the Ben.. 80 is the new 60 (at least I plan it to be). I found it impossible to discover who was the youngest person to cycle from Lands End to John o'Groats and then decided that pushy parents would claim that their three year olds "wanted to do it." so e.g. The Guinness Book of Records wouldn't record it. I am under no illusions that at 14 my daughter was anywhere near the youngest, but at least it was her own idea. I think we are prepared to realise old people have autonomy, so there would be no question of putting pressure on them to do it, so I am surprised it is so hard to find out (I can't either, but then my googling skills are pretty basic)

I believe Miles Hutchinson was still going strong almost to the end at 90, but there is nothing in his obituary to say if that included Ben Nevis

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