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Some North Western Fells

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:53 pm
by ellecmac
I came of the A66 at the turning for Wythop Mill, went through Wythop Mill, and along the narrow road to the parking in the woods at Brumston Bridge. The plan was to go up Ling Fell, Graystones and Broom Fell as these were my last 3 North Western Fells, and then just see how to find my way back to the car after that.

I headed over the bridge and turned right along the road, then through the gate on the left onto the fell.
Brumston Bridge

There are a few paths to choose from including what looks like a direct line to the top, but I followed the old corpse road around the edge of the fell.
On the old corpse road looking back to Sale Fell

It's an easy walk on a clear path round the fell then up to the top. Good views of the Solway, Criffel etc. The Isle of Man was quite clearly visible today, although not so clear on any pictures.
Top of Ling Fell

Next was to walk straight ahead towards Graystones. I planned to follow the wall but when I saw the awkward looking peat bank at the bottom I cut back across the heather a bit and went down to the gate that led onto Wythop Moss. The path was obvious to follow across this, it was pretty soggy, and I'd given up the idea of dry feet about quarter of the way across. Once I'd accepted this it made it much quicker as I just marched through it arriving at the other side with feet well and truly soaked.
Looking across Wythop Moss back to Ling Fell

I headed for the wall I was originally planning to follow and followed it to a junction of wall/fence/stile/gate. Over the stile and uphill to the right a short walk took me to the top of Graystones. It was windy but good views.

I turned back to the junction of wall/fence/stile/gate and headed up the slope to Broom Fell. Lots of the aftermath of felled forestry on my right. I hopped over the fence to sit on a tree stump for a coffee from my flask. Then a quick walk and I was on the top of Broom Fell. Big tower of a cairn.
Broom Fell

I didn't hang around on here as it was windy and for the first time today there were other people - which was the first time I had to remember about 2m distancing today, I'd forgotten about it for a while!
I'd have been happy to head back to the car now, but could see Lord's Seat and thought I'd go there then consult the map. Once I got to Lord's Seat I could see Barf so decided to go there then consult the map. Seemed a shame not to.
From Lord's Seat looking towards Barf

The view from Barf was probably my favourite of the day.
View from Barf

Now it was time to find a way down. I headed a little from Barf back towards Lord's Seat then followed a sheep path to the right to the top of the forestry. I stayed outside the forestry fence until I came to the corner and then went across country until I was above Old Scales Farm where cut straight down the hill until I got back to the road. Then it was back along the road, turn right down to Brumston Bridge and back to the car. This last part was not ideal and next time I'd keep heading down by the forestry to Wythop Hall and get back on the track/road there.
Best part - views of Solway, Isle of Man, Grisedale Pike etc, Skiddaw etc, Bassenthwaite, drystone walls, no crowds, finishing the north western fells.
Worst part - crossing the soggy moss, aftermath of tree felling, slightly dodgy route from Barf back to Brumston Bridge, meeting a car on the single track from Brumston Bridge to Wythop Mill and reversing a fair way for them, only to discover they were 5m past a decent passing place and gave no hint that they knew reversing was an option!

Re: Some North Western Fells

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 1:05 pm
by Phil the Hill
I went up Barf, Lord's Seat and Broom Fell the steep way from Powter How 2 days later. Barf is a fantastic viewpoint for Bassenthwaite lake and Skiddaw, plus it has a great name. I was up Lattrigg the day of your walk in the late afternoon and it was a lot sunnier than in your pictures. Maybe brightened up later?

Re: Some North Western Fells

PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:06 am
by ellecmac
Oops - the difference in our weather will likely be explained by me putting the wrong date for the walk - got my long weekend muddled up. That's what happens when you avoid the pubs and drink the wine at home :D

Re: Some North Western Fells

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:45 pm
by HalfManHalfTitanium
Great photos! - good to see a TR on these less well known fells. That wonderful photo of the old corpse road sums up so much that's great about walking in Cumbria.