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Langdale Pikes

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:32 am
by blanchie
On a rare good day in our holiday in the Lakes, I struck out for a short but intense route on a fairly hot day in the Langdale Fells. Along with hundreds of others! The hills were alive with the plod of walking boots. I decided to blitz up the good path up to Stickle Tarn and on to the col to escape the madding crowds. Once up there I was gifted some fantastic views, and spent some time perusing the panorama of walks that we had done in the area. The view back down to Stickle Tarn and beyond was well worth the effort, and though the walking up there was undemanding, peaks like the Pike O'Stickle were fun to climb up and down.
Pavey Ark

Harrison Stickle

Stickle Tarn and beyond

Pike O'Stickle

Panoramic view