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Helvellyn Round from Glenridding

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:25 pm
by Phooooey
Inn on the Lake (Glenridding) - Raise - White Side - Helvellyn Lower Man - Helvellyn - Swirral Edge - Catstyecam - Red Tarn - Hole in the Wall - Lantys Tarn - Glenridding

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The missus was at work today, fortunately it was setting up a wedding at the "Inn On The Lake" in Glenridding giving Damson & I the perfect excuse to run into the surrounding hills. Quick plans were drawn up for Glenridding Dodd & Sheffield Pike but after walking up to the YMCA at the disused mine (Glenridding Valley) I decided to push on towards Sticks Pass by taking the right most path and up onto Raise passing "the chimney" and the Ski Lift.

Glenridding Valley Panorama 1.jpg
View back down Glenridding Valley from path above YMCA

Panorama from Raise.jpg
Panorama from Raise

Damson on Raise

A wander along the ridge and over White Side leads to the steep little climb up Helvellyn Lower Man and then onto the bigger sister. Pictures on the way up mainly consisted of Swirral Edge as this was our descent route and onto Catstyecam.

Catstycam & Helvellyn.jpg
Helvellyn & Catstyecam from Helvellyn Lower Man

Thirlmere from Helvellyn Lower man.jpg
Thirlmere from Helvellyn Lower Man

Damson on Helvellyn Summit

View east from Helvellyn summit.jpg
View east from Helvellyn summit

Swirral and Striding Edges with Red Tarn.jpg
Striding Edge, Red Tarn & Catstyecam from Swirral Edge

We then came back onto the edge and down to Red Tarn before descending to the "Hole In The Wall" and down the rock steps towards Patterdale. We completed the walk by hopping up through the woods and past Lantys Tarn which holds 2 great memories for me.

Lantys Tarn

Firstly our first Golden Retriever was named Lanty after this tarn (followed by Buscoe also named after a tarn in the District) and secondly, my father used to take us on summer walking camps in the lakes and we camped at Lantys Tarn when I was about 8. We pitched the tent on the little grass hump at the back of the tarn and as it rained overnight we just about got away with not having to abandon camp as the waters rose.

The walk was finished off with a pint of Copper Dog in the Ramblers bar and then a lovely Steak Pie in Ratchers along the road.
I've been trying out a few panoramic photos in the last few weeks so today was full of them. Posted a few here. Hope you like.

Re: Helvellyn Round from Glenridding

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:38 pm
by colgregg
That's a great walk. I did similar last year and never saw a thing between the mine and dropping down to Grisedale Tarn on the way back. Looks like I missed a treat, the approach to Helvellyn from the North looks good in the sun!! We were certainly blessed with good weather today, I opted for something local.

Re: Helvellyn Round from Glenridding

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:14 am
by Phooooey
In T-Shirt for the entire route. I certainly wasn't expecting weather like that today. Got a bit of a suntan.

Re: Helvellyn Round from Glenridding

PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:04 pm
by L-Hiking
Hey Phooooey, how do you get weather like that? :shock: I did a similar route in early September and could not see a thing!! Great pics and how did you get Damson to pose like that? :D

Re: Helvellyn Round from Glenridding

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:24 pm
by Phooooey
Guess we were just lucky that weekend. It didn't feel like that kind of day at 07:30 in the morning as I was packing boxes into the car.
Damson has now had nearly 2 years of being asked to STAY for a picture that she sometimes knows where to stand herself. She gets the odd biscuit now and again to encourage her. I couldn't ask for a better dog really. She didn't really like being plonked on top of the trig point tho.

We've been extremely lucky since getting her from a dog home and she's been my shadow ever since. She doesn't chase other animals and never wanders off too far when up in the hills.