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High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 9:04 pm
by Phooooey
Armboth - High Tove - Armboth Fell - (attempt at Raven Crag) - Armboth

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The english summer arrived this weekend (well for a few days anyway) and the 4 days of drying weather formed the plan to climb into one of the districts wettest areas. Wainwright himself wasn't keen on the bogs that line the central ridge and having witnessed Bleaberry and High Seat last year (further north on this ridge) I kind of knew what we were in for.

We arrived at the banks of Thirlmere at about 09:10 and decided to park down the road from Armboth Car Park. There are plenty of little bays down this road if you,re prepared to do a little road walk before heading higher.
A brisk breeze was blowing down the lakes flanks and freshened what would have otherwise been a very hot day for this time of year.

Opposite Armboth Car Park we found the gate and route up a steepish little track heading onto the central ridge. After 20 minutes of herding sheep (around 30 of them kept to the path ahead of us and refused to move either left or right on to safer ground), we clambered up the final zig-zag and through the stone wall onto the upper reaches of High Tove and the start of the boggier country.
As predicted, the ground had fairly dried out leaving only the ground surface wet in places , preventing most of our boots sinking and progress was easily made up a wide expanse of heathered moorland up to the summit.

Helvellyn Range from High Tove.jpg
Helvellyn Range from High Tove ascent
For panoramic view of this photo, please follow link :

Damson on High Tove summit (hiding in the shadows)
John on High Tove

We then headed left along the fence line to Middle Fell, which was the worst part of the trip for this area held most of the water and a large expanse wasn't passable without getting feet wet. From Middle Fell we headed back toward Thirlmere making a beeline for Armboth Fell which is quite distinctive with its large rock summit in the middle of all that marsh.

John on Armboth Fell
Damson on Armboth Fell
Me and Damson take a seat on Armboth Fell

The plan had been to then head south and follow the waterfall down to the Thirlmere road but as it was still early we decided to head for Raven Crag which could be seen under its wooded cloak at the northern end of the lake.

John climbs style heading for Raven Crag
Thirlmere and central ridge.jpg
View back to Thirlmere and Armboth Fell
For panoramic view of this photo, please follow link :

A straight line (or as straight as possible) was taken back across our ascent path and up to the edge of the Forestry Commission boundary which we skirted round looking for the wooden gate that led to the Forestry path and the summit of Raven Crag. (I'd done this with Damson last year from Dale Bottom campsite so knew what I was looking for). On arriving here however, we found the final ascent path was blocked by a large number of felled trees and a no admittance sign. This work was being started when I last climbed this fell back in summer of last year.and I nearly got turned back then. Surely it would be common courtesy to hang a few signs round the lower reaches of the fell advising of the position or better still clear the paths of the trees that are left abandoned over a very large stretch of mountain. I know as ramblers / fell walkers we have few rights but a 12 month restriction of a Wainwright fell top seems excessive.

Anyway we headed back the way we'd come along the forest track planning on following this all the way to the car park. We didn't however notice that the roads didn't meet up on the map and when we reached the dead end heading back south, we had a decision to make : head back north and follow path down to Thirlmere Dam, head up through the trees to find the ridge and come back down the way we'd gone up or push on blindly down through the trees to try and find another path.
Despite John's bad knee we took option 3 and fell / crashed / plummeted through the trees down towards the lake. After picking up about half a tree a piece in our clothing, socks and ruck sacks we crashed through the tree line and onto a lower path just above the road.

You can see wind across Thirlmere
Thirlmere from break in the woods

This path dropped us right back down to the car park and our little trek along the road back to the car.
Nice little route which wasn't too taxing and got us out in the great British Sunshine. Also leaves only 75 fells for me and Damson to finish.

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 9:12 pm
by johnkaysleftleg
Lovely pics and another great report. I've still to do High Seat, High Tove and Armboth Fell. You made them look almost inviting.

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 9:24 pm
by Phooooey
Make sure you do them in either glorious sunshine or mid winter when the bogs have frozen solid. I enjoyed the walk a lot bar not being able to summit Raven Crag. Easy rambling once you finish small climb and doesn't take all day.

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 9:54 pm
by SusieThePensioner
Glad you eventually found your way back down through the forest :D

Enjoyed your report and the photos, excellent :thumbup: Nice to see Damson posing again :lol:

I recently did a walk down by the lake, the Wythburn end, had to turn back as it was so boggy and the path was blocked by a tree; sound familiar?

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 1:33 am
by ChrisW
A fine entertaining report as always Phooooey, glad I'm not the only one who makes those branch collecting descents that seemed like such a good idea at the start :lol: good to see you guys getting the great weather again (at least for a short time eh) :D

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 7:48 pm
by L-Hiking
Didnt think it ever got dry up there :crazy:

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 7:57 pm
by garyhortop
Great Report Phooey and some amazing photo's!!

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 9:53 pm
by DaveB1
Great report Phooey, I did it in winter mode and Raven Crag was shut then too! Think I'm going to do a bit of complaining to United Utilities!! :-x Dave

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 11:52 pm
by Phooooey
It's only a 100m stretch of the pathway but it's the only route up according to the map. The machine they use to saw and strip the logs is more than capable of shifting them out of the way. :( Good job it wasn't the fell I needed towards the count and therfore didn't spoil a great mornings walking.
Susie, the northern end of Thirlmere will now forever hold memories of the K2B as thats where it starts, and it chucked it down last year making that entire stretch wet and boggy. No trees blocking our way that time, only a few thousand yompers ... :D

Re: High Tove & Armboth Fell

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:32 pm
by Jane Yates
Great report and great photos! Anything around High Tove is desperate isn't it!

It is still possible to get up Raven Crag, but not by the designated footpath (I tried hard to get through those fallen trees and rivers of mud recently believe me :crazy: ) If you go a bit further south on the main path you can then cut up through the trees to meet the summit path by the wooden steps - keep an eye out for a path after you cross a marshy bit. If you look in my walks diary you can see my route contouring around the front of a knoll opposite the summit. I cut straight down to the main footpath rather than contouring on my return route down though. Certainly well worth the amazing viewing spot!