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kentmere round

PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:24 am
by d gwynn
we parked up by the old church hall but you have to get there early as its a small hamlet and not much parking is avalible. Head off west and up followed hall gill up to the main path that takes you to the summit of yoke and along the broad ridge to thornthwaite crag and this is the view along that path
we then,after admiring the beacon turned to the east and missed out high street for another day and headed off to mardale ill bell were you get a veiw of the complete round that you are doing. you can just see kentmere reservoir which you do a complete circle around. The weather as you can see in the pics was really warm and to be honest TO warm to (26 degs ) even on the tops with out a breath of wind and although the water that was going in was coming out quicker via the sweating its still better than the normal lake district way of getting wet!!!! After a spot of lunch you now head back south losing height until you arrive back to kentmere village. and on our drive home we stumbled over a real ale festival at the hawkshead brewery :D
All in all a great round of wainwrights no technical stuff and on sunny day an absolute pleasure!!