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Black Fell

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:47 pm
by Phooooey
Rose Castle Plantation - Tarn Hows - Black Fell - Tarn Hows Waterfalls - Tarn Hows - Rose Castle Plantation
Myself, Ellie & Damson set off on quick walk which soon turned into a long trek as we ran into mist on flanks of Black Fell and wandered around trying to find path to the top. Wainwright book claims no direct path to top so we climbed a few stiles and got lost in the fog on the tops.
Damson and I on summit of cloudy Black Fell
After finding top and a bite to eat we decended down (on the correct path)and on through the farms to the northwest and back onto main road, where we headed back towards Tarn Hows by way of Yew Tree Tarn. Sun was out by this point and mist has completely cleared affording us great visibility back up Black Fell ... typical.
Damson at Yew Tree Tarn

Rounded the tarn where Damson decided the ducks looked tasty ... or a bit of fun as she plowed into the water after them. Finished by climbing the path back up through the waterfalls back to Tarn Hows.
My wife Ellie at waterfall below Tarn Hows
Tarn Hows
Picnic at car when we returned and pint on way home from Anglers Inn at Haverthwaite.