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Cadair Berwyn from Pistyll Rhaeadr

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:57 pm
by poppiesrara
Much the best short mountain walk available in mid Wales? A beautiful waterfall, more crags than you can see for many miles around, and a fine high summit to reach.

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If Pistyll Rhaeadr was in the heart of Snowdonia it would be a pretty busy spot, in the Lakes or Peak a veritable honeypot, but here in the middle of a tourist nowhere, marked only by a very discreet ‘Waterfall’ sign in the village below, it seems to stay pretty quiet, and - midweek at least – the very few parking spaces were empty even in summer. From there, a few yards up the road away from the falls leads you to a terrific firm grass path heading up above the Nant y Llyn into the hills. The sharp peak of Cadair Berwyn is in view throughout to lead you on, and – bar a bit of marsh by the stream crossings and a steepish drag up to the ridge – it’s a trouble-free stroll up to (at 830m) a fairly high mountain. Not sure what has happened to Llyn Lluncaws in the last few years though? - formerly a lovely lake nestling below the cliffs, it's now gained a very sickly-looking brown cloak.
Cadair Berwyn 005.jpg
Craig y Mwn

Cadair Berwyn 006.jpg
Trum Felen

Cadair Berwyn 007.jpg
Pistyll Rhaeadr

Cadair Berwyn 014.jpg
Moel Sych & Cadair Berwyn

Cadair Berwyn 017.jpg
Moel Sych

Cadair Berwyn 018.jpg
Cadair Berwyn over Llyn Lluncaws

Cadair Berwyn 024.jpg
Cadair Berwyn

Cadair Berwyn 026.jpg
Back down the ascent route

Cadair Berwyn 027.jpg

Cadair Berwyn 029.jpg
Foel Wen & Mynydd Tarw over Cwm Maen Gwynedd, from Cadair Berwyn summit

Cadair Berwyn 033.jpg
Moel Sych from Cadair Berwyn

Moel Sych, if only a touch lower, is a slightly runty little brother Hewitt, but it’s easy walking south over there and down the grassy ridge to the top of the falls (worth one visit for the view along the crags south, but they’re really seen much better from below) and then zigzagging back to the valley. An almost faultless short hillwalk.
Cadair Berwyn 035.jpg
Moel Sych summit

Cadair Berwyn 040.jpg
Moel Sych & Cadair Berwyn

Cadair Berwyn 044.jpg
Cwm Blowty

Cadair Berwyn 045.jpg
Craig y Mwn

Cadair Berwyn 046.jpg
Pistyll Rhaeadr

Cadair Berwyn 047.jpg

And even further away from the usual high mountains… I’d passed The Wrekin countless times to and from Wales before but never climbed this remarkably isolated (apart from the ridge itself, there is barely even the slightest rise for long miles in all directions) hill. And – as short as the earlier walk had been – I probably should have picked a better day to finally do so than this blazingly hot one… Still, in its shortest form, it’s a pleasant enough hour’s woodland walk up the broad path (virtually a road) from the north. A couple of rocky gateways to add interest and a fine open viewpoint above the trees...

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Cadair Berwyn 052.jpg
Ascent of The Wrekin

Cadair Berwyn 053.jpg

Cadair Berwyn 054.jpg
North from the summit ridge...

Cadair Berwyn 059.jpg
...and east...

Cadair Berwyn 060.jpg
...and west.

Re: Cadair Berwyn from Pistyll Rhaeadr

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:29 am
by Alteknacker
Yep: as you say, if Pistyll Rhaeadr was in the heart of Snowdonia, it would be pretty busy. As it is, it's a beautifully isolated place that can be enjoyed in solitary contemplation. Nice reminder. :clap: