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Great End & Broad Crag from Seathwaite

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:39 pm
by poppiesrara
A beautiful summer’s day in the high Lakes fells.

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Faithful to Wainwright’s advice, I took the less-trodden (much less so – no-one at all to be seen…) route to Sty Head, to the right of Taylorgill Force. And, even though marshy and indefinite at the start and end, it’s probably worth it for the in-between – a really good half-scramble up a rocky path with fantastic views of the falls; you can save Stockley Bridge for the way down. Back on the busy paths, an easy climb up past Styhead and Sprinking Tarns, past the sunbathers, takes you to Esk Hause – good views throughout of the Scafell range and even better ones to Great Gable and the Western Fells.
Great End 003.jpg
Base Brown

Great End 016.jpg
Taylorgill Force

Great End 023.jpg
The path above Taylorgill Force

Great End 033.jpg
Great End to Scafell Pike from Styhead Tarn

Great End 036.jpg
Lingmell from Sty Head

Great End 038.jpg
Styhead Tarn

Great End 047.jpg
Great Gable from Sprinkling Tarn

Great End 057.jpg
Glaramara & Allen Crags

Veering off the highway to Scafell Pike, albeit only slightly, leads you to an oasis of silence on Great End, looking down from this abrupt cliff to the heights north. This would be an almost perfect walk from Seathwaite on its own, but – ‘Hewitt’-bagging - it wasn’t too far to take in Ill Crag (a rougher climb than expected, but a lovely perch above Eskdale) and Broad Crag (in contrast, and forewarned by the idea that this was the ‘roughest summit in Lakeland’, quite a nice bit of firm and flat boulder-hopping) too. Scafell Pike looks very close from both peaks, but nothing in the view makes it look a very tempting there-and-back detour – a vast spread of big stones with a very steep and loose-looking approach, up which most seemed to be struggling at a snail’s pace to a summit ant’s nest. First impressions a few years’ back in a horrible storm weren’t great, but the sunny version didn’t look much better – still determined to find a way to enjoy our highest peak some time this year though!
Great End 058.jpg
Esk Pike & Bowfell

Great End 059.jpg
The Langdale Pikes over Calf Cove

Great End 065.jpg
Great Gable & Styhead Tarn from near Great End

Great End 066.jpg
Over Seathwaite Fell & Sprinkling Tarn to Derwent Water & Skiddaw

Great End 068.jpg
Helvellyn & Eastern Fells over Glaramara

Great End 069.jpg
Langdale Pikes & Windermere past Great End summit

Great End 073.jpg
Ill Crag

Great End 075.jpg
Lingmell & the Pillar range

Great End 076.jpg
Scafell Pike from Ill Crag

Great End 077.jpg
Broad Crag from Ill Crag

Great End 080.jpg
Kirk Fell & Great Gable

Great End 087.jpg
Coniston Fells over Hard Knott & Harter Fell, from Broad Crag

Great End 088.jpg
Great Gable to Skiddaw, from Ill Crag Col

The way back to Seathwaite, down one of the main (3 Peaks) paths to Scafell Pike, probably doesn’t need much description, but – busy as it was – it’s a good gradual path down Grains Gill looking ahead to Borrowdale and Derwent Water; if less craggy and dramatic, certainly an easier and more attractive walk than that to Wasdale.
Great End 095.jpg
Down Grains Gill to Derwent Water

Great End 105.jpg
Great End

Great End 108.jpg
Stockley Bridge

Re: Great End & Broad Crag from Seathwaite

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:32 pm
by stig_nest
Nice to see someone getting a view from the Great End summit. My visit was in perpetual clag - You're clicking off those Hewitts Poppies fair play - Any thoughts on the Wainwrights too?

Re: Great End & Broad Crag from Seathwaite

PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:31 pm
by poppiesrara
Hi Stig,

Great End was a stunning viewpoint, one of the best - all the Scafells high ground suddenly falls away in front of you - definitely worth a 'no-clag' return!

Cheers re Hewitts. A long way to go on the Wainwrights but they'll probably come first actually - might give some North Pennine hills a go but I'm not expecting very much of them, and more days in the Lakes and Wales will probably come before those...

Re: Great End & Broad Crag from Seathwaite

PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:18 pm
by stig_nest
Pretty much all my unwalked Hewitts are in the Pennines, I've got a handful in the Lakes which I somehow missed when doing my Wainwright round in 2012 - but I'd love to complete the remainder - I could do with a fortnight to really get amongst them though.

Re: Great End & Broad Crag from Seathwaite

PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:56 am
by Mancunian
Many thanks for sharing this wonderful day out. I've done a similar walk a year ago but took in Scafell and Scafell Pike and had the same great views you had. Its a wonderful area with great mountains albeit a bit crowded.