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Whin Rigg & Illgill Head

PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 11:57 am
by MiniRambo

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Climbed with Chris on Tuesday of my week holiday. Parked at the road junction on North West side of Wast Water - plenty of parking spaces available. Started walking at 10.50am - a circular route in an anti-clockwise direction. Weather was good, however rain showers were forecast for later in the day.

View up Wast Water from the start of the walk

Started by walking along the road. After about half a mile, a path left the road and took us through the grounds of Wasdale Hall which is now YHA premises. It followed close to the lake shore and eventually brought us to the SouthWest end of the lake with great views up the lake and to Great Gable et al beyond.

Wasdale Hall - now used by the YHA

Wast Water to Great Gable et al

.... and a little bit further along the shore

We followed the path through woodland before crossing Lund Bridge and then returning along the opposite bank of the outlet beck.

Lund Bridge

Now went through a stile and began to ascend the bracken covered slopes of Whin Rigg alongside Greathall Gill. The climb was tiring, however we were soon over the worst and soon joined the broad ridge towards Whin Rigg top. It was not clear which cairn represent the true summit so decided to visit them both just to make sure!

Start of ascent near Greathall Gill

Nearing top of Whin Rigg, looking back along the ridge.

Chris taking photo from one cairn (and me from the other!)

Views were extensive but especially good to the hills on the other side of Wast Water.

Along the ridge to Illgill Head

View South East to Black Combe

Wast Water and the hills to the north

Looking back to Whin Rigg

As we continued towards Illgill Head, the path took us very close to the edge of the ridge and it became apparent that the drops over the crags and scree were quite scary.

Some of the crags

Crags and scree

.... and more crags

We began to meet a few other walkers between W R and I H and made good time along an undulating path with gentle inclines. I H is similar to W R in that there is no obvious high point, so again we visited all the cairns to make sure.

A little further along the ridge looking back to Whin Rigg

View to Scafell

At one of the cairns on Illgill Head

... and at another cairn

More views...

Just away from the summit area we decided to have some lunch. Our descent continued in a general North Easterly direction down Straighthead Gill and onto a very well maintained path (alongside some recently renewed dry stone wall) eventually reaching the National Trust car park and the road servicing Wasdale. We returned along the road for 2 mile (or so) back to the car. By this time the weather began to close in and there were a few heavy rain drops, but thankfully nothing too heavy until we had left.

Descending to the North East end of Wast Water

An interesting 'double' bridge.

Crags of Scafell?

A good day was had.