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Twmpa, Craig y Llyn

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:46 pm
by poppiesrara
Grabbing a nice morning before the storms for a return to Twmpa (or ‘Lord Hereford’s Knob’ if you prefer...), which I had previously only climbed straight up and down the eroded path from the Gospel Pass – this was a fuller and more satisfying route up the south ridge.

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Not much parking in Capel-y-ffin, but a few spaces for earlycomers, and almost immediately into a typically ‘Beacons’ steep ascent up to the ridge of Darren Lwyd. The faintish path is thick with bracken and pretty testing going, but it’s over quickly enough in favour of a very gentle couple of miles along the broad ridge to the fine summit on the edge of the fall away to the north.
Twmpa 001.jpg
Twmpa from the approach to the Gospel Pass

Twmpa 002.jpg
Starting the climb onto Darren Lwyd

Twmpa 004.jpg
Black Mountain through the bracken

Twmpa 006.jpg
Chwarel y Fan

Twmpa 007.jpg
The Vale of Ewyas

Twmpa 009.jpg
Pen y Gadair Fawr from cairn (broken wall?) on the prow of Darren Lwyd

Twmpa 017.jpg
Twmpa & the Gospel Pass

Twmpa 026.jpg
Hay Bluff

Twmpa 030.jpg
Rhos Dirion from Twmpa

Twmpa 031.jpg
Looking north from Twmpa

The descent bridleway along the valley of the Nant Bwch is lovely, a well made path dropping gently above the stream, past a lovely little waterfall, to the village; a really fine short single-peak walk.
Twmpa 038.jpg
Descending above the Nant Bwch, Chwarel y Fan ahead

Twmpa 046.jpg
Falls in the Nant Bwch

Twmpa 049.jpg

Twmpa 051.jpg
Back up the valley

Twmpa 053.jpg
The little church in Capel-y-ffin

Afterwards, a surprisingly good short walk on Craig y Llyn, the 600m highpoint of the hills south of the Beacons.

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This isn’t an especially challenging approach, the road climbs more than 80% of the way up for you, but nice paths/tracks wend through the open edges of the forest to quite an attractive cliff above the eponymous Llyn Fawr reservoir. The views along the escarpment edge are stunning – an uninterrupted broad vista in which you can pick out all of the Beacons peaks. It might not be as good for much longer though, as – outside the protection of the national park – the summit and the area south are currently being heavily worked on by the windfarm engineers. The trig itself has been spared, but the fenced workings stop only a couple of yards away, and the preparations seem to be in place to block off a lot of the paths ‘until 2018’…
Twmpa 057.jpg
Craig y Llyn over Llyn Fawr from the parking spot

Twmpa 066.jpg
Fan Nedd to Waun Rydd

Twmpa 067.jpg
The Carmarthen Fan to Fan Nedd

Twmpa 070.jpg
The summit is to the left of this little encampment... 'Pedestrians and Cyclists Beware'

Twmpa 075.jpg
Hirwaun Common and the road up

Twmpa 084.jpg
Craig y Llyn