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Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Postby RTMcB » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:12 pm

Hewitts included on this walk: Crib Goch, Crib y Ddysgl, Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa, Y Lliwedd

Date walked: 02/10/2014

Time taken: 5.5

Distance: 12.3 km

Ascent: 1391m

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Snowdon_02_10_14.gpx Open full screen  NB: Walkhighlands is not responsible for the accuracy of gpx files in users posts

Day 1 here http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=46372
Day 2 here http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=46452

This map track is clearly wrong! Rest assured we started from Pen-Y-Pass. £5 for 4 hours parking charge, £10 for 8 hours! I'm expecting gold plated paths for that sort of money! Was cheeky and just went for 4 hours worth. Raging! To be fair the Pyg track is a decent path but it did have some puddles. I'm sure someone could have got down here early with a towel and fixed it! Missed the turn off for Crib Goch and had to back track slightly. It's the bit before you cross a stile. There's an actual cairn naming the Crib Goch route but is handily hidden from the Pyg track! Ascent up Crib Goch was straightforward, pick your own route and scramble straight up. Hardly any wind today, so no real difficulty, despite the exposure. Lots of good holds and plenty places to put your feet. The ridge was something else! 5 points of contact in some places! I've never used my bum so much in a walk before :lol: Had intended on missing out the 3 pinnacles, but only manged to dodge the first one! However, the remaining 2 weren't so bad. Good holds for the downclimbs.

It was with great relief and a sense of achievement that I touched down on wider ground, with all sights set on Crib y Ddysgl. Plenty scrambling to be had. This Hewitt keeps on giving, just when you think you are arriving near the summit, there's another scramble awaiting you! Trig point marks the summit, pretty much where you realise that Snowdon is full off other people and someone built a train track up the mountain! What's worse there's a cafe! However, the thought off a tasty cappuccino stirred us on to blast up the track, fire through the obligatory summit pics and then take a wee rest in the cafe! Reasonable prices for fridge magnets!

I had read that the Watkins path was a bit "loose". Sure enough, I had use my fifth point of contact on the way down. Not very dignified. SMRussell had no issues. This was the worst point of the walk for me. Earlier I was content with a decent handfull of solid rock but this, I hate it! Managed to make it down in one piece the fired into the last Hewitt of the day - Y Lliwedd. You can find yourself scrambling amongst the rocks quite easily. However a decent path soon appears to the right. Again, you can choose your route up, plenty of choices! From the West peak onwards, the path improves and a quick descent back to the car park is guaranteed! Had thought about carrying on to Gallt y Wenallt but seemed like a lot of broken ground would need to be crossed. Also, thoughts were turning towards some excellent well deserved ale. And I was hoping my car wouldn't get clamped - it wasn't!

Lots of pics - it was a great day!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
After the fork to go up Crib Goch, looking toward Y Lliwedd.

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-2 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Looking up toward Crib Goch

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-4 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Signpost - handily in the wrong place hidden from view by those on the Pyg track!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-5 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Calm before the scramble!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-7 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Nice chap showing us the way early on. He soon disappeared along the arete. Put us to shame!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-11 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-12 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-13 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Views opening up!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-15 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Awesome place!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-16 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Arete, no hands needed in some places!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-17 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
North to Llanberis

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-18 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
More arete

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-22 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Looking back, hands would be good here!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-23 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Glad to be alive!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-24 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Bum cheek keeping me safe!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-27 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Look one hand!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-30 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Approaching the pinnacles

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-31 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Middle pinnacle

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-33 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Up to the right

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-34 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Next on the list Crib y Ddysgl

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-35 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Selfie, with downclimbing in progress!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-36 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Ridge! You could play tennis up here!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-37 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-38 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Back toward Crib Goch

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-39 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Deceptively long path

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-40 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Just doesn't end

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-41 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Neither do the views!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-42 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Y Lliwedd

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-44 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Other folk on the ridge

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-45 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-47 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Almost there!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-49 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Last wee bit

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-52 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Crib y Ddysgl summit trig

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-55 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
He was after ma pork pie!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-59 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Mechanical wonder delivering "other" people to the summit!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-62 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
View back showing Pyg track emerging.

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-68 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Summit cairn, we must have been stinking by this point! :lol:

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-69 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-71 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
other people

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-76 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
The start of the descent down the Watkins path before it becomes "loose"

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-77 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
more watkins path

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-78 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Y Lliwedd, last summit of the dat

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-79 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Hanging out!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-80 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
The worst of the loose stuff is behind me!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-81 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
That grey stuff is all the loose bits. I'm sure my bum prints will remain for some time!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-82 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Nice path

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-83 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Very quiet here

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-84 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Cracking views

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-86 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
First 3 hills

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-88 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Plenty of exposure if you want it!

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-95 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
The upper part of Watkins path

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-96 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Back to the pinnacles, there's actually someone right in the middle - looks like they are defying gravity

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-105 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
West top

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-106 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Crib Goch

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-108 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-110 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
View back to Snowdon

ImageOctober 02, 2014-5-118 by r.t.mcb, on Flickr
Pen-Y-Pass in sight
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Re: Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Postby SMRussell » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:13 pm

Ach, it was a doddle 8) :D
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Re: Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Postby Alteknacker » Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:55 am

What weather you had for it! and the pics really show this route off at its best :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Postby stig_nest » Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:55 am

It's a great route spoiled in my opinion only by the hordes of daytrippers on the summit of Snowdon. But I'm always content to lunch on Garnedd Ugain after Crib y Ddysgyl and have relative solitude. Let the masses have Snowdon, We get everywhere else. I dare say it's only a matter of time before the top of the Watkin is graded and made safe. Super weather you had folks.
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Re: Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Postby Ibex » Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:40 pm

Awesome photo's there. I was lucky enough to have a day that nice there recently, but couldn't convince any of my friends to go up Crib Goch.
Once I got to the top, I couldn't wait to do the horseshoe route and your report has made that even stronger! Great stuff! :wink:
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Re: Welsh 3000's day 3 - Snowdon Horseshoe!

Postby RTMcB » Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:54 pm

Cheers all. Our thighs are still recovering! Day 4 will need to wait, probs next year to get back finish the Welsh 3000's - Tryfan and chums!
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