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Foel Grach +

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:16 pm
by Broggy1

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A return to Wales for a long route around the Northern Carneddau on a sunny, bright but cold day (compared to recently).

We parked the car at Aber and followed the well made route up to the falls and round the other side of the valley on the North Wales Path.

We then crossed the style and made our way up steep and mostly pathless slopes (though there were occasional zig zagging paths) alongside the Afon Gam before striking off left towards the summit of Drosgl.

Aber Falls.JPG
Aber Falls

Heading up.JPG
Heading up beside the Afon Gam

Drosgl summit looking to Elidir Fawr and Glyders.JPG
Drosgl summit looking over towards Elidir Fawr

We then took the chance to visit the two excellent summits of Bera Bach and Bera Mawr before heading for the main Carneddau ridge itself.

Bera Bach.JPG
Bera Bach

Bera Mawr.JPG
Bera Mawr

Firstly we visited Garnedd Uchaf (via the other rocky outcrop of Yr Aryg) and then it was on to the highest remaining mountain for myself in the UK outside of Scotland - Foel Grach.

It was then very easy progress back over Garnedd Uchaf and Foel Fras with excellent views of the ridge ahead and the sea in front of us.

Foel Grach and Carnedd Lwellyn.JPG
Light dusting of fresh snow on Foel Grach and Carnedd Llewelyn from Garnedd Uchaf

Garnedd Uchaff and Foel Fras.JPG
Garnedd Uchaf and Foel Fras from Foel Grach

Foel Fras.JPG
Trig Point on Foel Fras

We then took the out and back route to pick up Llwytmor which involved a rough descent and a short and sharp climb back up the summit cairn. We also visited the rock outcrop and shelter further along the ridge as we weren't sure what the proper top was.

Llwytmor from Foel Fras

Drm and Tal y fan.JPG
Drum and Tal y Fan from Llwytmor

Rather than re climb Foel Grach we opted for a traverse to regain the main ridge and as always with this kind of walking this proved awkward. To avoid some crags and steeper ground we ended up regaining most the height loss and hit the ridge again high up Foel Fras.

It was then a really easy stroll over Drum and Carnedd y Dddelw before descending steeply to Bwlch y Ddeufaen.

Traversing back towards the main ridge from Llwytmor

Drum summit

Drum North Top.JPG
Carnedd y Dddelw (or Drum North top)

Tal y fan ahead.JPG
Descending to Bwlch y Ddeufaen with Foel Lwyd and Tal y Fan ahead

The climb up Foel Lwyd from here was a steep one followed by an enjoyable final climb up the rocky Tal y Fan to reach it's Trig Point.

From here it was simple case of retracing our steps back over Foel Lwyd, down to Bwlch y Ddeufaen and following the Roman Road/North Wales path all the way back to Aber.

Steep reclimb ahead.JPG
Steep climb up Foel Lwyd ahead

Tal y fan.JPG
Tal y Fan from Foel Lwyd

Tal y fan  top.JPG
Trig point on Tal y Fan looking back at the Carneddau

North west Wales way.JPG
North Wales Path back to Aber

A really good long day on the hills with some cracking weather to go with it.