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Troutbeck Fells

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 8:26 pm
by MiniRambo

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I had been looking to do a longer walk and was thinking of venturing to Crianlarich, however, with the weather forecast not looking too good, decided to stay closer to home and visit Troutbeck near Windermere.

Chris and Andrew were unable to join us but my work colleague Alastair was willing and able, so met him at Rheged and we were soon over Kirkstone Pass and down to Church Bridge, just off the A592 near Troutbeck where we parked the car and got ready and away by 9.25am.

We walked in a southerly direction alongside the main road for 80 yards and then crossed the road and headed up a small lane which climbed steeply and brought us out into open countryside. We climbed a stile where a path crossed a steep, west facing field and then another stile onto the Garburn Road. Straight across and then we were onto more open fell land which was full of small mounds and outcrops the largest of which is Backstone Barrow. Much of the hard climbing was now done and we are soon at the summit of Sour Howes, the first Wainwright of our walk.

First views on Windermere

I name this summit 'Alastair's Peak'

The wind is quite strong and cool so we didn't stay long before heading north over fairly wet ground. We veered east and over another stile before a gradual climb to the top of Sallows. Although views were good, there was a haziness which prevented clear, distant views.

The view north

Scary mountain selfie

To the north we could see our next target, Yoke. We needed to drop down and cross the Garburn Pass and this was achieved in good time. We met our first couple of other walkers who had ascended from the Kentmere side of the hills. We carried along the path which took us along behind another wall. However, we soon came across an area of bog/sphagnam moss and needed to back track to get around it. I decided to jump over one patch with a certain amount of success, but unfortunately, when Alastair tried the same manoeuvre, he tripped and almost landed head first in it. :crazy: :shock: :lol:

On route to Yolk

We had a short break and cleaned ourselves up. Onwards and upwards we soon reached the main ridge path which is akin to a motorway and this led us nicely to the summit of Yoke. We dropped down to the low point between Yoke and Ill Bell where we stopped to have lunch with views to the east of Kentmere Reservoir and Nan Bield Pass, and to the west over Troutbeck Tongue, Wansfell and beyond.

On Yolk summit, Ill Bell in the distance

Looking to Kentmere Reservoir

As we had our lunch, a party of 15/20 walkers passed by us. We set off again and made our way to the top of Ill Bell which had a number of well constructed cairns. We took photos of each other and then carried on along the ridge losing height before a gradual climb to the top of Froswick where we caught up with the party of walkers. It was my intention to take the path from between Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag heading back to Troutbeck Tongue. However, Alastair was feeling determined so we changed our plan and set course for Thornthwaite Crag itself and our highest point of the trip.

Next to one of the Ill Bell cairns

.....and next to another one!

Looking back to Ill Bell from slopes of Froswick

Looking down to Troutbeck Tongue

Kentmere Reservoir again from further north

From Froswick looking north to Thornthwaite Crag

Not quite at Thornthwaite Crag, looking back along the ridge.

Thornthwaite Crag cairn

After a brief stop to refuel, we descended to Threshthwaite Mouth, a watershed between Threshthwaite Cove/Hartsop to the north and our route down Park Fell Head to the south. The sun was strong by now but any heat was lost with the keen wind. A faint path leads down from Thresthwaite Mouth and alongside Trout Beck. We reached a sheepfold where a few local farmers were seeing to their flock and with no obvious path onto Troutbeck Tongue, we followed one of the farmers quad bike tracks.

Looking down to Troutbeck Tongue from Threshthwaite Mouth

For all its lowly position, Troutbeck Tongue is a long hill when tackled from north to south but from the summit cairn you get a nice view down the pleasantly green valley. A steep descent through bluebells led to Troutbeck Park farm where we missed the 'bypass path' and ended up walking right through the farm yard but fortunately and inspite of an overly friendly yapping dog, we managed to get through without disturbance.

Troutbeck Tongue top

The green and pleasant vale of Troutbeck

Bluebells on Troutbeck Tongue

Troutbeck Park farm sitting below Troutbeck Tongue

Our walk back to the car was along the farm access road and across fields next to the A592. A pleasant end to a really good walk and with good company too!

Re: Troutbeck Fells

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 6:11 am
by ChrisW
There's some work in that round MR, looks like the day just got better and better. glad to see you didn't laugh at your friends minor fall.....but would you if he had gone head first into it :shock: ..... :lol:

Re: Troutbeck Fells

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 9:11 pm
by MiniRambo
ChrisW wrote:There's some work in that round MR, looks like the day just got better and better. glad to see you didn't laugh at your friends minor fall.....but would you if he had gone head first into it :shock: ..... :lol:

Thanks Chris. It was a really good walk and we both ended up with a bit of sun/wind burn. Al did really well despite the 'bog incident' :lol: This was his longest walk by some margin and he was chuffed to have done it, although apparently he was walking like John Wayne for a couple of days afterwards!! :crazy: :lol: