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High Seat, Yorkshire Dales

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:18 pm
by jonathan - norfolk
Set out from Outhgill, a very pretty little village with good parking, and set off up the lane past the very distinctive Jew Stone and, further up, the old school house. The path was quite indistinct, even early on and we trended too far left initially. The ford is a very good marker, and the path relatively distinct here. The cairn mentioned by Nuttall and Nuttall couldn't be located from below, but proved to be a good marker from above (where it is more important). The going is often rough and the climb quite brutal - I wouldn't want to ascend it in the wet and I certainly wouldn't want to descend it when wet or snow covered. There are plenty of opportunities for a very nasty slip. The top is pleasant enough and the ridge beckoned welcomingly, but we had a long drive back home.
The route shown is the one we ought to have taken both ways (but actually only took on the way down) This would have given a round trip of only 4.25 kms (2.75 miles). We took 1.75 hours on the way up and 1.25 coming down, probably 30 mins longer than it should have.
Weather warm with a gentle breeze (best we had all week).