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Fairfield via Stone Arthur and Seat Sandal

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:16 am
by andy63

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The main objective here was to bag the Wainwright summits of Stone Arthur and Seat Sandal. Looking at the map, I decided that the best way to combine these would be by going over the top of Fairfield.
I started from a layby on the main road just outside Grasmere. The approach to Stone Arthur is by a track leading off the minor road behind the Swan Hotel. The track is currently close to vehicles due to having partly collapsed, but walkers can still get through.

IMG_0198 (640x480).jpg

At the end of the tarmac road there's a sign pointing to Stone Arthur and a clear path, so navigation wasn't difficult.

IMG_0199 (640x480).jpg

There's a short easy scramble up the rocks to the 'summit'. However, it's not really a separate hill, and there's a very short drop before the path continues uphill.

IMG_0201 (640x480).jpg
Stone Arthur

IMG_0202 (640x480).jpg
Stone Arthur summit (I think)

The path leads up to the ridge which leads from Heron Pike to Great Rigg and Fairfield. This was the second time I'd been here as I'd previously done the main 'Fairfield Horseshoe' route.

IMG_0207 (640x480).jpg
Heron Pike

IMG_0208 (640x480).jpg
Fairfield from Great Rigg

IMG_0212 (640x480).jpg
Fairfield summit area

The summit of Fairfield was the only bit of this walk which was in mist. It would be quite easy to get lost here as it's a large flat area with no visible paths. Fortunately, as I emerged from the mist I was able to recognise Seat Sandal and soon found the path leading towards it.

IMG_0213 (640x480).jpg
Seat Sandal from Fairfield

Unlike Stone Arthur, Seat Sandal is definitely a separate hill. There's a long descent from Fairfield, by the kind of loose stony path that I always find a bit awkward, to Grisedale Hause, and then a steep climb up (so steep I forgot to take a picture of the ascent.)

IMG_0214 (640x480).jpg
Descent towards Grisedale Tarn

IMG_0215 (640x480).jpg
Grisedale Hause

IMG_0217 (640x480).jpg
Fairfield and St Sunday Crag from Seat Sandal

IMG_0218 (640x480).jpg
Seat Sandal summit

I descended Seat Sandal by the south east ridge. Although it's not shown on the map, there's a nice grassy path leading all the way down.

IMG_0220 (640x480).jpg
View to the west

IMG_0222 (640x480).jpg

Re: Fairfield via Stone Arthur and Seat Sandal

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:47 pm
by trailmasher
Nice report and pics andy63 :clap: just a shame about that bit of haze but nevertheless decent shots :) Also a nice way to go :)

Re: Fairfield via Stone Arthur and Seat Sandal

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:52 am
by ChrisW
Nice bit of bagging Andy, the haze is a killer but I love your shot from the summit of Stone Arthur :clap: