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Central Fells wander

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 10:23 am
by Broggy1

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I had Friday as leave for a splendid day on the Central fells on what I guess is an unusual route.

I was keen to climb the direct route of Eagle Crag again but didn't fancy the longer drive to Borrowdale as I was due back in Preston by 6pm to play football so was looking at alternatives.

With a dry spell, I realised I could start near Armboth and climb over High Tove into the Borrowdale valley and include Grange Fell and Great Crag in the day as well with the return route being over Greenup and down through the deserted valley of Wythburn (again one for a dry spell).

Beautiful sunshine but very windy throughout so glad not to be on the higher fells today.

1 Raven Crag.JPG
Raven Crag ahead - beautiful day already

2 Armboth Fell.JPG
Armboth Fell - so close but I've done it twice before and I really didn't think I was missing much by omitting it from the day

3 High Seat and Blencathra from High Tove.JPG
High Seat and Blencathra from High Tove - remarkably dry here today

4 Dale Head group over Grange Fell.JPG
Dale Head group over Grange Fell

5 Watendlath Tarn.JPG
Descending to Watendlath. I've seen it from the fells but I've never started a walk from here so this was a pleasant first for me.

6 Heading up Grange Fell.JPG
Heading up Grange Fell with Jopplety How prominent

7 Upper Borrowdale from Brund fell.JPG
Upper Borrowdale from Brund Fell

8 Derwent Water and Skiddaw from Kings How.JPG
Derwent water and Skiddaw from King's How

9 Great Crag ahead.JPG
Great Crag ahead

10 Back to Grange Fell from Great Crag.JPG
Back to Grange Fell from Great Crag

11 Eagle and Sergeants Crag backed by High Raise from Great Crag.JPG
Eagle and Sergeant's Crag backed by High Raise from Great Crag

12 Eagle Crag from Stonethwaite.JPG
Classic Eagle Crag ahead after descending to Stonethwaite

13 Eagle Crag direct.JPG
The direct route in profile

14 Crags on direct route.JPG
After following the Cumbria Way it's hard work getting started on the direct route and rough around the Bleak How area

15 Final rock tower.JPG
A better path joins though as you approach the final tower and then there's a plethora of terrace paths to pick from to make your way up to the summit rocks - a terrific route

16 Sergeants Crag from Eagle Crag.JPG
Sergeants Crag from Eagle Crag

17 Over Rosthwaute Fell from Sergeants Crag.JPG
Looking over to Rosthwaite Fell from Sergeants Crag

18 Lining Crag.JPG
I then went off route to join up with the coast to coast path over Greenup. Lining Crag being the outstanding feature here.

19 Down Greenup.JPG
Looking down Greenup

20 Upper Wythburn.JPG
Upper Wythburn - deserted today but I'm sure it can be extremely wet on the wrong day. Not today though!

21 Lower Wytburn.JPG
Lower Wytburn though is gorgeous with a nice path and some lovely water features. I was glad I came this way.

Re: Central Fells wander

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 8:14 pm
by dav2930
An unusual route for sure but a fascinating and substantial one. Plenty of ups & downs there through some lovely fell country with characterful names like 'Jopplety How' (one of my favourites). Nice photos of a cracking, if rather windy, day :clap:

Re: Central Fells wander

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 9:20 am
by johnkaysleftleg
Certainly a different route, good to see the high tove area does dry out occasionally, I agree about the direct route up Eagle Crag, most enjoyable.