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Hartside - Chesters - Shepherds Cairns -Salters Rd

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:40 pm
by JonetCol
Great walk. Meadow E of Alnaham Moor FM is beautiful early summer. Views as you leave plantation towards Chesters are grand - a 'secret valley' Walk across high plateau towards the Pikes and Shepherd's Cairns is grand with superb views 180 degrees incl Simonside, Hogden Law, Cunyan Crags, Hedgehope etc. 1st cairn moving tribute, 2nd less damatic - small pileof stones but no less poignant, poor woman died mid 19c. Awkward descent to Salters Rd and Shank - dogs! Steep descent Shank Burn, , steep ascent Shill Moor, good track to metalled rd back to AM Fm