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Mount Tibrogargan

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:42 pm
by Mrs Scoob
Another trip in to the Glass House mountains. We were here on our last trip in 2014 but this one was officially closed due to rockfall so we hadn't gone far past the base. This time though, we made it to the summit and even stood on the rocks that appear from the distance as the face of the 'gorilla' 8)

Having experienced Beerwah yesterday, comfort zones were expanded :wink: so this was good fun and no bother today :D :lol: Couple of chimneys to climb and lots of slabs too, but again plenty of holds. Buzzing when we made it back down again :crazy: :D :lol:

Scoob's video :thumbup: 8)
heading up - reminded me a little of curved ridge
summit view, looking through to Beerwah (climbed that yesterday)
on the face of the 'gorilla'
interesting to watch others go up once we were down again :)
one from our last visit in 2014 - squint a bit and it does look like a gorilla!