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6 Outlying Fells and a Marilyn

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:49 am
by Broggy1

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A walk exploring the heights to the South of Coniston including the Marilyn Lowick High Common and it's extensive wind farm.

An excellent ridge walk with the early hills having particular interest. Lot's of ups and downs and a lot of ascent and miles for one Marilyn but very worthwhile.

Recommended for certain but would perhaps be better (and shorter) as a linear route leaving a car at each end.

Little bits of passing cloud but otherwise a fine, cold day with very little wind. All the higher fells in cloud for most the day so a good day for these lower hills.

1 Route up Beacon Fell.JPG
Beacon Fell ahead - a very pleasant walk from Brown Howe. Although the initial road bit was very icy.

Beacon Fell

3 BF summit and ridge ahead.JPG
Beacon Fell summit looking ahead at the rest of the ridge

4 Treasure Box.JPG
Beacon Fell Treasure Box

5 Beacon Tarn and Wool Knott.JPG
Wool Knott behind Beacon Tarn

6 Back to BF.JPG
Looking back at Beacon Tarn and Fell

7 Wool Knott.JPG
Wool Knott with passing cloud

8 Tottlebank Heights ahead.JPG
Tottlebank Height ahead

9 TH looking to Burney and lHC.JPG
Burney and Lowick High Common from Tottlebank Height

10 Blawith Knott ahead.JPG
Heading for Blawith Knott - everything up to this point had been superb

11 Looking back from BLawith Knott.JPG
Blawith Knott summit

12 Short road stretch with Little and Great Burney ahead.JPG
There's a short road stretch and a slightly wet bit before a short, steep climb up Great Burney

13 GB from LB.JPG
Great Burney from Little Burney

14 GB Trig.JPG
Great Burney Trig Point

15 Combs.JPG
I then headed to the nearby summit of Combs

16 Lowick HIgh Common.JPG
After crossing the road I then took a pretty direct route up Lowick High Common - though there appears to be good tracks that can be used

17 Turbine and view back to LD and Conniston Fells.JPG
You are up close and personal with the Wind Farm on this one

18 Another road stretch.JPG
Road stretch to head back to Yeat House

19 Yew Bank backed by snowy Coniston fells.JPG
Yew Bank - my next objective - backed by snowy Coniston fells (which had only just come clear late in the day)

20 Yew Bank.JPG
Cairn on Yew Bank - rougher and wetter walking to get to the summit of this one

21 Beacon Fell from Fisher High.JPG
Beacon Fell from the cairn (but not the highest point) on Fisher High

22 Descent.JPG
Descending on the Cumbria Way

Re: 6 Outlying Fells and a Marilyn

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:38 am
by trailmasher
What a great little amble Broggy :clap: I just love these outliers, nice and quiet with much to see :) Thanks for posting, it's one for the list 8)

Re: 6 Outlying Fells and a Marilyn

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:38 pm
by Broggy1
Thanks TM. Yes enjoyed these ones a lot I've got to say.

Re: 6 Outlying Fells and a Marilyn

PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:45 pm
by icemandan
The Ulverston-Coniston bus goes past the starting point if you want to make a linear walk of it and haven’t got two cars. Park up in Ulverston, get the bus up to Torver Beck and walk back. The Cumbrian Way will take you into town - or finish at the Barrow Monument (which you can go up on Sundays)