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Kentmere Round

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:54 pm
by davekermito
Sorry this is one from last year that doesn't have a GPX file but hopefully is so well documented by others you'll let me off!

A classic walk, chapter 2 in the Wainwright Great Walks I was given as a 10 or so year old that got me into these bloody hills in the first place.

Parking. Very much at a premium in the beautiful Kentmere. Various hamlets nearby don't have any parking either so unless it's high season and there a farmer with an eye for a few quid opening up his farm then you've got a choice of 3 spaces by the church hall (with a voluntary contribution so bring yer fivers!)

Two of three spaces taken at 5.30am

Walk time. A classic, you can't really go wrong up the Garburn Pass, and then it's follow the blindingly obvious pass up to the first peak of Yoke. Not a classic but not unpleasant

Badger Rock

Top of Yoke

The whole day is visible from here, and the next shapely peak of Ill Bell is the next on the trip. It's a down and an up in the traditional obvious sense but the cairnage (it's a word, alright?) is impressive. The view over Kentmere reservoir looking over to Nan Bield pass are getting better.

Jake enjoying the scene (or the stick I'm holding).

One of Ill Bell's many cairns

After another enjoyable peak in the shape of Froswick it's up on to the shoulder of the High Street range and the huge cairn of Thornthwaite Crag. This cairn is visible from miles away! But notably on the Kirkstone Pass. From here the bulk of High Street and it's rather mundane top dominates the view.

Jake on the Beacon

The next mile or two is plodding over the shoulder of High Street until you have a decision to go over the minor top of Mardale Ill Bell. Haweswater (as well as Angle Tarn and Hayeswater) all make an appearance. It's then down to Nan Bield pass which is one of both Wainwright's and my favourite passes in the Lakes. Mine as it was involved in the first Lakes walk I ever did with my dad as a kid and also because it is so perfect in shape and view!

From here is a climb up the shoulder of Harter Fell revealing a super view of the ridge done in the morning

Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick

From here it was a straightforward stroll over Kentmere Pike through Green Quarter and it's pastoral delights and back to the car. One of my favourites!


Re: Kentmere Round

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:57 am
by Alteknacker
Superb weather, superb place and great pics showing it at its best.

I did a very similar round on March 14, but in somewhat overcast though clear conditions. There was still a fair bit of snow about then, especially on High Street. We started from Hartsop though, and didn't take in Harter Fell (time restriction). I just put a short report in my personal diary.

We might also have been better off starting at Kentmere as you did, though the trouble with this group is that they're in a kind of star formation, so if you want to take in most of them you end up with a lot of out-and-backs...

Re: Kentmere Round

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:21 pm
by davekermito

It was a walk in homage to the Fellwarking with Wainwright (incorrectly named in my first post!) book rather than a ticking mission so I wasn't too worried about some of the Haweswater outliers on this one but know what you mean.Missed out on a few obvious there-and-backers.

But well worth exploring from Kentmere. Some of the valley views around Green Quarter and Kentmere are sylvan pastoral scenery at it's best. And of course from the M6 from the South it's the first proper Lakeland valley you come to, so even better for us West Midlanders.

Wanted to go back to the hills around Nan Bield for 30 years after a trip to the top of Haweswater exploring High Street with my old man got me into it in the first place!