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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:43 am
by tango
Started at grid 228237,0655hrs,upto Grisdale Pike,N to Hobcarton End,back around the side of Grisdale Pike onto Hobcarton Crag,down to coledale hause took the wrong path!! for about 200m low cloud (my excuse) so needed a scramble up a gully which got the heart going, then on to Grasmoor,Whiteless Pike,Wandope,Crag Hill,Sail,Scar Crags,turned around back to path junc,down to grid 202218 the ford there,followed main track back to the van,finished at 1335hrs,going,low clouds on all summits except Grisdale& Grasmoor which i had cloud inversions.walking buds the dogs Riffs,Ludo,Tic Tac.