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Kinder Edges from Hayfield

PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2018 11:55 am
by Broggy1

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I'd agreed to drop my parents off at the airport at 4am so it meant a very early start on Sunday morning and the Peak District being local to the airport made the most sense.

I'd always fancied a crack at the full edge walk around Kinder - to give a full impression of the hill and also because it just looks cool on a map. I've been to the proper summit twice and have no real desire to go again.

On the hill just after 5am and down by midday - which worked out perfectly as I visited the busier side before anybody else got there...although heading down the narrow path in William Clough at midday was awkward with a mass of people coming up the other way.

A beautiful walk this one but best saved for a clear day as the real charm of the walk is the different views you get as you head around the edges although there are many highlights along the way and the total amount of ascent is a surprise.

More or less bone dry underfoot and at times it certainly felt like walking in another country.

1 Kinder Res first light.JPG
Kinder Reservoir at first light

2 Down William Clogh.JPG
Looking back down William Clough

3 Western edges.JPG
On the edge now along the popular Western side overlooking Hayfield

4 dry downfall.JPG
A pretty dry Kinder Downfall

5 Approaching Kinder Low.JPG
Approaching Kinder Low

6 Headig for Wool packs.JPG
Heading for the Woolpacks

7 Noe Stool.JPG
Noe Stool

8 Woolpacks.JPG
Woolpacks - just after 7am and I'm losing my base layer and it was shorts and t shirt for the rest of the walk

9 Back to Crowden towe.JPG
Looking back at Crowden Tower

10 Down Crowden to Rushden Edge and Mam Tor.JPG
Down Crowden Clough to Rushdup Edge and Mam Tor

11 Heading for G Knoll.JPG
Heading for Grindslow Knoll

12 Back along the Southern Edge.JPG
Looking back along the Southern Edge overlooking Edale

13 G Knoll.JPG
Grindslow Knoll

14 Down Grindslow to Lose Hill.JPG
Down Grindsbrook Clough to Lose Hill

15 Eastern Edges.JPG
South Eastern Edge ahead

16 Win Hill.JPG
Win Hill and Ladybower Reservoir from Crookstone Knoll

17 Alport Castles.JPG
Alport Castles

18 Northern Edges.JPG
The less popular Northern Edge now ahead

19 Northern Edges.JPG
The Northern Edge was probably my favourite part of the walk - some impressive steep cliffs and a much remoter feeling to the area

20 Clough.JPG
Crossing Blackden Brook

21 Back along the N Edges.JPG
Back along the extensive Northern Edge

22 Dramatic scenery in parts.JPG
Northern Edge rocks

23 Northern Edges again.JPG
Northern Edge again

24 Back where I ame in.JPG
Nearly back where I came in and ready for the descent

Re: Kinder Edges from Hayfield

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 10:05 am
by treehugger
Superb pics! :clap: 33km sounds a real epic.............