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Norway: Loen via ferrata (with video)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:54 pm
by Karl Brobakk
Is this a hike or a climb?

The via ferrata in Loen is a combination of hiking, scrambling and easy climbing. The first section is hiking uphill, and you gain a lot of elevation here. Then you start using your gear for both scrabling and via ferrata climbing using the steel wire and some steps. This is a great experience for anybody who is reasonably fit and do not have a problem with hights. If you have no muscles in your arms you will probably struggle a bit, but it should be doable if you are ok with step scrambling already.

The via ferrata in Loen is close to famous hikes in Norway like Skåla, Eggenipa and Kattanakken. I have written reports about the last two previously.

Feel free to check out my video from when I did the via ferrata in Loen: