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list of sub 2000s

list of sub 2000s

Postby outlanderlass » Thu Aug 06, 2020 12:26 am


Why are Dumgoyne, Queens view, Ben Aan not on the list? are they known by other names? there are smaller hills listed....

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Re: list of sub 2000s

Postby nigheandonn » Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:08 am

Generally there are two things you have to do to get on a major hill list - one is to be a certain height, and the other is to be separate from other higher hills - generally the rule is that there has to be a drop of so much all round the summit before the ground starts rising again. (150m for 2000ft+ Grahams, 500ft for 2500ft+ Corbetts - Munros just have to be 'distinct and separate', but in practice it often works out about the same).

Since the list of sub-2000 foot hills called Marilyns don't have to reach a particular height to be included, they really only have one rule - to have a drop of 150m all around (which in practice also means that they have to be 150m high!).
The original authors of the list were trying to make a list of hills which were *relatively* high compared to their surroundings, regardless of their absolute height - there are also a lot of Marilyns above 2000ft, but they're all on one of the other lists of higher hills.

Ben A'an is a lower top of a higher (but much less well known) hill behind it called Meall Gainmheich, but there's only 33m of drop from Ben A'an before you start climbing again, so only the higher top gets onto the Marilyn list. Dumgoyne is a lower top of Earl's Seat.

I hope that makes sense - it is confusing, but there is a logic behind it.

(If you want to see every top, regardless of list status, and things like the higher hills they 'belong' to and the drop between, there's a wonderful but very geeky site called hill-bagging.co.uk)
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