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Strategy For Using WalkHighlands GPX files with OS Maps

Re: Strategy For Using WalkHighlands GPX files with OS Maps

Postby BobMcBob » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:06 pm

Protanope wrote:BobMcBob

Thank you for your comment: I was aware that my iPhone could estimate location without having phone call capability but had mistakenly assumed some degraded ability to triangulate off of distant cell towers. Your flat declaration of GPS capability caused me to do a little research and indeed you are right. However, Garmin devices are superior in a North American context because of the ability to also use better information available about variations in atmospheric density affecting sat signals. It appears the iPhone would be superior in a European context where the ability to use a different source of such atmospheric information comes into play in a way the Garmin device isn't built to use. My experience is mostly in Canada.

Now that I did now know. However what you say should apply equally to OS Maps and ViewRanger, there should be no difference in accuracy between the two, it is the Phone that provides the data.

(With regards to triangulation, the phone and the network can triangule your position from the towers with a degree of accuracy, but nothing like as good as with GPS, and with no height component)

Protanope wrote:I don't usually use power saving features set on my phone because recharging either in the car or in any building is typically available with no less than 12 hours delay. The way I use my phone, that works for me.

I was referring to the power saving features in the ViewRanger App. the iPhone version has some very specific settings relating to trading off accuracy against battery life. On my version they're under Settings->GPS. GPS mode needs to be set to continuous and GPS Single Fix should be Off, if you want the best accuracy. But be prepared to run out of battery very fast. Or do what I did and use the otherwise useless old Samsung Android phone I had lying in a drawer and run Viewranger on that instead, going all day on one battery. Samsung Galaxy XCover phone is waterproof and available cheap on eBay....

Protanope wrote:With respect to 1:25000 OS Maps: I get a different level of ability to zoom in on those maps depending on whether I access them on my desktop machine so the limit is 100 ft on the map being about 7/8 inch on my screen. If I try to access the same OS Map using the OS Maps App on my iPhone I am severely limited in the degree to which I can zoom in the 1:25000 maps to the point that the twists and turns in some paths are not fully and correctly represented consistent with what I can see accessing the same map on my iMax. So the question is, if I accessed that same map through a purchased map tile on ViewRanger, would my ability to zoom in to see all the details be impaired similarly to how it is impaired in Ordinance Survey's own iPhone Map App?

Thank you for your consideration.

May I suggest you just try purchasing a tile and see if it suits you? It's not exactly expensive. Trying to visualize what you're describing there is making my head hurt.
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Re: Strategy For Using WalkHighlands GPX files with OS Maps

Postby Holly » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:50 am

I am thee most un techie person out and have to say I lost a lot of what was being said when towers were being mentioned and other such stuff.

I use Viewranger as I said and I get loads of time out of it even using it heavily on a day on the hill,,,even a couple of days and use my spark anker battery then.

That wee circle is going to identify where you are within a few yards. If you are in your hoose then thats where it will show just the same as google maps. The difference is that it WORKS WITHOUT need for reception of any kind.

It zooms in well. I am as blind as a bat and find it handy over maps because of its zoom capability!

I 'think' there is the ability to download free trails for example from trail magazine so you might get a chance to try with that? If you have to buy the map tiles they are not expensive and you get to keep them, not like the OS subscription service!

Anyway I can only suggest what I do,,,Its a very simple system and very effective.
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Re: Strategy For Using WalkHighlands GPX files with OS Maps

Postby nathan79 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:42 pm

Robinho08 wrote:
That technique doesn't work anymore because Viewranger obviously prefers you to purchase the routes.

It still works fine for me. Just tried it. Might be different if you don't have the maps for the area covered by the walk. Can't see why it wouldn't work.
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Re: Strategy For Using WalkHighlands GPX files with OS Maps

Postby Martraven » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:31 pm

Robinho08 wrote:
nathan79 wrote:
Robinho08 wrote:I've only ever used WH gpx routes on Viewranger without any issues. Bit long winded having to upload the route onto your Viewranger account on a computer then sync Viewranger on your phone to get the route but it works.

I made this how to video for Viewranger, If you decide to switch:

That is indeed the long-winded route. It's pretty straightforward to download the WH gpx routes direct to your phone then import them straight to Viewranger.

That technique doesn't work anymore because Viewranger obviously prefers you to purchase the routes.

Its still working for me just now clicked on a GPX file on the WH site using my iPhone then copied it to ViewRanger.
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