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Dava bike ride Grantown-on-Spey to Dunphail

PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2021 8:49 am
by Dander and explore
Having recently bought hard tail mountain bikes, we wanted to ease ourselves into this whole mountain bike business and decided to do part of the Dava Way.

We parked up on The Square in Grantown-on-Spey on a Tuesday in June. It was easy to get parked with the bike carrier. We then followed the road past the caravan park and under the old railway bridge. Here the first challenge: There are 2 options as you turn right, following the sign for the Dava Way. One is through a gate and one is sign-posted Viewpoint. Despite the map, we got confused and headed through the gate. Wrong move! After a very steep ascent I felt we had gone way higher than the railway line and were on a very narrow path. Due to vegetation we couldn't see much. So back down we go and up the wider path with the Viewpoint sign. Pushed the bikes up, as there are some steps. Finally recognising an old railway line and seeing signs for the Dava Way we head off towards Dava.

There were a number of other users near Grantown, but numbers quickly thinned. From here on the path is well sign posted. It is certainly rougher than other routes following railway lines. In places there are many tree routes. Makes for interesting riding.

Grassy section of the Dava Way

There are indeed a number of gates. Although I didn't find them too many on the section we did. And indeed they offered a good break and opportunity to soak in the landscape.

One of many gates

It's mostly a shallow gradient climb out of Grantown to the summit just outside Dava. Then it's all downhill from there. The path is basically a Landrover track at this point.

Dava summit

At Dava there is a short diversion for both bike and horse riders along a wide road. We did have a lorry passing us on the way back. But it really is only a few minutes and perfectly manageable. It's also very well sign posted.

Diversion for riders

We had a lunch break at the Halfway House, where there are benches, a table and you can sign a book inside the hut. Refueled we rode on to the viaduct, which takes you to Dunphail. We then rode on a bit further (optional windfarm loop available) to get to 25km, before retracing our path.

The viaduct

On the way back, some sheep were on the path. So we slowed down to avoid disturbing them too much.

Overall it was a great trip with varied landscape and terrain. Enjoyable regardless whether you choose to walk or cycle the Dava Way. Next time I do need to plan it better, so we can do the full route!

Re: Dava bike ride Grantown-on-Spey to Dunphail

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2021 2:21 pm
by gaffr
Hello...I had a couple of visits to this section of the Dava that time I don't think that it was called the Dava Way then?
On both visits I was returning from taking my old Muddy Fox up and down from Grantown on Spey along a trail to Lochindorb and another occasion after crossing the moor.
We reached the lung busting ride down and up to get onto the well kept moor close to Easter Auchnagallin after leaving the Trail on the way out near to Lynmore passing another Carn a' Ghille Chearr and a second Huntly's Cave
As a reprise of the across the moor day out I returned with Marif ...again parking up at the parking place beside the Spey Bridge.
Onto the Way via the Camping Site entrance and the other side of the underbridge onto the Way.
The gate from the two story 'gatehouse' to enable the Laird to access the trains from an upstairs room into a pleasant wee garden....a Waiting Room with a difference.
Marif reaching the high ground with the Cairngorm hills in the background.