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CWT alternative section Gorm LochMor/Loch Bealach a Mhadaidh

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2022 8:55 am
by caromiri
Hi everyone

I wanted to post an update on a CWT section. We walked the CWT in 2020 and you can find my post in this forum (we coined it the Cape Rough Trail :D ). This year we walked the alternative section to the popular Oykel Bridge - Inchnadamph Route. This was North to South from Glendhu Bothy and Glencoul Bothy, and then the pathless section from Gorm Loch More and via Loch Bealach a Mhadaidh to Oykel Bridge.

It is definitely the path less travelled compared to the popular Inchnadamph route. We camped between the two rivers where the two CWT sections split. The next morning our tent became the morning pit stop for a coffee / chat for other CWT hikers, who had been off to an earlier start, and they unaninimously headed via the Inchnadamph section. So if you're curious what the alternative (on the Harvey Map) looks like (teaser - it is a mess), check it out here:

The Inchnadamph route is definitely beautiful, and we very much enjoyed it in 2020 (to the extent that the midges let us, i.e. on the way down with a bit of a tail wind). The Gorm Loch More / Loch Bealach a Mhadaidh alternative can turn into a horrible mess with rain (as happened to us) but it got a moon-like, extraterrestial quality to it. We very much enjoyed taking in the views after we had passed Loch Bealach a Mhadaid and pitched the duomid for a lovely coffee break.

Happy to answer any questions !