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Cape Wrath May 2023

PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2023 1:27 pm
by duncanwhyte
I was lucky because conditions were probably the best they can be. Lack of rainfall meant rivers were low, easily forded, and the ground had dried out and the going was firm and mostly dry underfoot. Rain was minimal and temperatures mild. I only got midge on one morning whilst I was striking the campsite.

I rested in Ullapool for two nights. Where a parcel was delivered. I also received a parcel at Morvich campsite.
The best food was at the Strathcarron hotel. Much needed.

I had to cut out Achafary to Rhiconich as I had run out of food at Glendhu bothy. But hitched to the London Stores and began eating. Going onto Sandwood bay later, when conditions began to change to a windy rainy evening and night.

The last day was the poorest. Rain came and when I arrived at the lighthouse it was a dim shape in the mist. By sheer luck I arrived as the manager was organising a lift for two other walkers. We drove along the 4x4 track for a few miles and got out to walk over a highpoint and eventually onto the Durness road. By which time the sun had come out and and all was fine again. I achieved a hitch to Scourie campsite for two days rest.

I carried around 35 lbs, camped and used bothies. I am 67. I was fairly fit having done 4 weeks camino in Spain. So found the CW under such favourable conditions within my capabilities. But it could be quite a different challenge in worse conditions.

I would do it again in May. Most of the days were glorious.

Re: Cape Wrath May 2023

PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2023 5:23 pm
by 3peaker
Hi Duncan,

Thanks for your report on the CWT I had planned to do the trail back in 2020 but covid came along.

I am now looking at doing the CWT next year again May which I think is the best month for Scotland hill walking having completed the munro`s back in 2019.

Good to hear the midges are not particularly a nuisance in May.

I am planning on wild camping and using the bothies along the route, plus a rest day in Ullapool.

Also a similar age to yourself so its good to know what load you were carrying as our plans are fairly similar.

Did you suffer any ticks?

Regards Malc

Re: Cape Wrath May 2023

PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2023 6:08 pm
by duncanwhyte
Hello Malc

I got ticks on my ankles wearing sandals to get water. The tiny pinheads. I cleared them off, but found one two days later that had just started to fasten. I got that off easy. Keep your socks on.

Bothies like Sourlies and Sheneval are near easy access points and can get crowded, especially at weekends. The ones deep along the trail should be more accessible.

Most of the trail has a visible path. But it can get lost in places and this is the annoying aspect of the walk. It was still tiring even with the good conditions I had.

My pack weight is 30lbs with all the basic kit. 35 with food. It's noticeably heavy near 40. But you will need all the basics. It seems that in really bad weather people are likely to bail out. This is understandable as it would become difficult to proceed or wait out a situation. So May is good or September.

Re: Cape Wrath May 2023

PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2023 6:05 pm
by 3peaker
Thanks Duncan for the advice, I think I go for May 2023.

Regards Malc