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Great Glen Way - 3 days Fort Bill to Inverness

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:15 pm
by sirlimpalot
So, for anyone wanting to do it in 3 days, firstly its achievable, but its likely one of your days will have to be 30+ miles plus. We (2 of us) got extremely lucky in that we had 3 clear, cool days, so in that classic period, after the snow and before the midges. We didn't totally rough it, we stayed at B & B's which on the route are excellent and used to walkers of course.

The first leg we took from FW to Laggan of about 22 miles by memory. On reflection this is quite a flat run and if possibly you could choose to make this your 'big' day and take it to Fort Augustus, but we wanted to at least ease ourselves in gently. Blisters started early, but God bless Compeed....which no doubt saved our walk.

The 2nd day was our big one from Laggan to Drumandrochit and it was probably the more lumpy section of the trip, certainly after Fort Augustus, where we had lunch. The last section was the 19 miles from Drum. into Inverness and relatively easy after the previous day. Although I grew up doing a lot of the climbs and tabs in the North West Highlands and endless tabs in Brecon, I had a stroke 2 and a half years ago so this was the first real walk I'd done since those dark times.

Overall this is a straightforward long distance walk, well marked and served well on the route by accommodation. The sections at ground level next to the lochs are superb. There are some lengths of sections through forest tracks which can be monotonous rather than spectacular and there are few sections on roads, albeit single track, which take away a little from the overall experience. The appeal of the walk is effectively a coast to coast walk linking some great towns and Cities. I wont bore people by going into more detail, but I'm happy to answer any questions that may help walkers.

Thanks to Garth my fellow walker for great company on the route.