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First leg of John Muir Way

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:25 pm
by iancgcampbell
I noticed the John Muir Way on your list of long distance walks and decided to complete the first section with a couple of walking pals from Edinburgh. The section is from Fisherrow, Musselburgh to Cockenzie Harbour. The route is well signposted and has many interesting local information boards.
We chatted to an older local man out walking his dog. He told us he used to work in the nearby Cockenzie Power Station and he gave us some of his local knowledge. We were talking to him standing next to Morrison's Haven, a 16th century harbour, and he explained in detail the history and layout of the harbour. I detected a hint of a "Glesga" accent and he told us he had come through from Airdrie in the 60's to commission the Cockenzie Power station and was still living here, We were soon walking passed this old chaps place of work and sadly it was only the demolition men who are now working in the Power station. Finally we reached Cockenzie Harbour and bought some fresh Haddock in the local fish shop. Lovely jubbly !!

Re: First leg of John Muir Way

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:42 pm
by Bobgord
I am glad that you enjoyed walking the John Muir Way. It is a great path, but you only have a week to complete the rest of the route. It has given up its name for the "new" long distance path the Central Scotland Green Network is about to launch. So the John Muir Way now goes from Helensburgh to Dunbar. It is not a very inspiring route, and it just follows sections of various existing names routes such as the West Highland Way and the Strathkelvin Railway Walk.
Ironically the best bit of the original John Muir Way has been left out. This runs from Dunbar south to Cockburnspath and it is by far the nicest section. It is a shame that the original John Muir Way has been sacrificed to provide this new route!