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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:45 pm
by Malkie
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I started to walk the Cape Wrath Trail again so as i didn't finish the Cowal Way properly i decided to start from Arrocher to Kinluglass and cross to the WHW but when i got to Loch Lomond there was no ferry so i thumbed a lift to Tyndrum.
Day 2 In the morning i set of for Kingshouse on the way i stopped at Bridge of Orchy and had lunch at the hotel.I headed over the hill to Inveronan and on to Rannoch Moor but i only got as far as the Ba River so i camped there the night.
day 3 I headed of for Kinlochleven.Igot to Kingshouse and i had my lunch there i even fed the deer i left there and i found the going very hard under foot also it was really hot and carrying a heavy rucksack and i really struggled over the Devil's staircase to the camp site' Day 4 I went to the Co-oP to get more food tnen it was up the hill which i found not to bad a lot of people were passing me as i am quite slow at 84yrs i stopped half way along the Lairge and had a good rest and a meal i carried on and i camped at the Nevis 5 I walked int Fort W to the end and i had my photo taken at the wee man and i stayed in FW inthe morning i got a train to Loch Ailort i then walked to the start of the track over the pass down to Meoble after which i got a bit lost i camped on the hill and i finally got to Oban bothy where i stayed the night.D 6 I made my way along the Glen to Glen Pean Bothy.I then walked to A'chuil and on to wards Sourlies i had to camp beside a loch and then on to the Bothy as the tide was out i just kept going on towards Barrisdale but i missed the path and endedup at Loch Quoich.I camped at the side of the road and in the morning i started to walk to Invergarry i got a lift to Dornie where i had to come home as a relative passed away.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:32 am
by Walkscot
Well done. Very inspiring.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:12 pm
by Sgurr
People tend to get lost near Meoble. I have heard of a trek where a guy set out to climb Meith Beinn and An Stac, took the wrong turning coming down off Meith Beinnn and landed up going all along the coast to An Stac, IN THE DARK. He had to recover at Oban bothy for a day or so before walking out.
There is alleged to be a Prince Charlie's cave somewhere en route, but we never found it.
Good for you hulking that huge rucksack....gave up a couple of years ago after a trip to Strathan bothy when I was a mere 77.

P.S. I like the understated title "Walk"