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Mixed Weather on Cowal Way

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:55 pm
by Malkie
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I decided to walk the Cape Wrath Trail but as i had done it 8 years ago i thought that i would start with the Cowal took 4 buses to get to Tarbert ferry. I got to Portavadie at 16 15 i left the pier and i walked along to Tihgnabruiach it took me 4 hours i went into the store and bought some milk ithen went along the road and passed the boatyard and found a spot to camp beside the track.Day 2 It was a nice morning and i started along the trail then it began to climb over rocks and i found hard going with my short legs then it dropped down and it was better walking.Then it started to rain very heavily as i walked to Glendaruel i got into a b&b.Day 3 When i left in the morning it was sunny so i had a nice walk along the Glen i came to the main road and i went along it to Garvie Farm i crossed the yard onto the trail i walked over the hill and down to Glen Branter.The trail was closed so we had a detour i then walked along a minor road to Strachur.Where i stayed in a hotel.Day 4 i walked back to the trail and as i walked along to Upper Succoth farm the rain started again and was it right in my face it was a muddy walk to Lochgoilhead i was glad to get into a b&b.I was away up the hill when i realised i had forgotten something valuable.Day 5 It was very wet again and it.was a long climb.I had lunch at the top and then it was a very wet to Arrocher i just went into the Loch Long Hotel it was lovely. it was wet again when i left so i just walked along to Tarbet and got a bus home.