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SNT from Dornie

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:55 pm
by Malkie
I returned to Dornie to finish the SNT and as it was wet and windy i stated in a B&B.In the morning istarted the walk through to Glen Elchaig and it was hard going as the path went through a lot of woods I finally got toCames-Luinie and i had my tea.I walked along the Glen and i found aplace to camp at the side of the trail and the midges came out in force and i had to put on my net i got the tent up and got in ti smartly.
Day 2 there were no midges in the morning so i had a quick breakfast and headed for Maol-bhuidhe followed the track and it started to climb up a hil and i knew that i was wrong but i kept on going and it was wet and windy and hailstanes as well i stopped to have a meal and carried on i saw this white house in the distance so i headed for it and it turned out it was the bothy so i was really lucky another chap turned up and he was from Glasgow we had a nice chat and he was amazed when he found out i was eighty four and walking the trail carrying a big pack.D 3 I left the Bothy first and when i was crossing the river i lost one of my poles.I headed for Gerries Hostel but i had to camp on the Bealach Bhearnias.D4 In the morning i started out for the hostel.It was a good walk and crossing the river was easy as it was so low.I got to the hostel early and settled in.D5 I left the hostel and after a short walk along the road i took the path over to Coulin and past Loch Clair to Kinlochewe and i stayed in the hostel again.D6 I left the hostel in the morning walked up the Glen the new roads that they have made are terrible and hard on the feet i walked up to Lochan Fada over to Dundonnel and i decided to go to Ullapool and i went to Tescos to stock up then i found a B&B and as it was early i just walked around as it was lovely wearher.