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Penine Way Part 3

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:43 pm
by Malkie
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Day 9 When i left Gregs hut to go over Cross Fell you could hardly see it was so misty and i was lucky to be able to follow the track over Little Dunn Fell and then over Great Dunn Fell and over Knock Old Man.Once i got lower down it cleared and i some lovely views the it was along walk down then up to Dufton i went into the cafe where i had a good tea. I had to hang around as the Youth Hostel didn,t open till five..I stayed there the night.Day 10 in the morning it was a long walk up to High Cup Nick.It was very foggy at the top so i decided to have a meal hoping that the fog would clear but it did i just got on with it and headed for the Cauldron Snout it was a hard climb down as the rocks were taller than me i can hear my friends saying thats not hard.Also the big rucksack didn't help when i got to the bottom it was time to eat so i had my tea.I carried on along the river and it was a big boulder field after a bit there was another one they really slowed down after that it was good walking and i got to Langdon Beck and there was a Youth Hostel just up the road so i stayed the night there so after another good breakfast i headed of.for Middleton-in-Tees Day 11 I walked down the path to the river and it was a nice walk till i got to Cronkley then it was an awkward climb past the farm and over Bracken Rigg then down along the river past High Force then along past Low Force and a lovely walk along the river despite a heavy shower of rain to Middleton -in - Teesdale where i stayed in the Teesdale Hotel and they remembered me from last year.Day 12 In the morning i left the hotel and went over Harter Fell and along to Grassholme Res and then Blackton Res to cross Cotherstone Moor under A66 to Gods Bridge and on to bowes.