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Lost Camera on Bidien a' Choire Sheasgaich (AKA Cheescake)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:46 pm
by ABZ_bagger
I did the the round of Lurg Mhor and Bidien a' Choire Sheasgaich (AKA Cheescake) yesterday (5th July 2012) and lost my camera somewhere between the summit of Cheescake and Sail Riabhach.

I was ducking under a few rocks as i headed down toweards Sail Riabhach to try and avoid the lightning that was going off. I suspect it must have come out of its holder at that point. I last used it on the summit of Cheescake :(

By the time i discovered that is was AWOL i was too far down and running late to back up and search for it. It may not be much use after being out in the rain for a few days but the memory card would still be OK.

If you bump into it please let me know.

Thank you,