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Broughton and Trahenna in the mist

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:11 pm
by Justdrums
Atmospheric day. Felt like something out of King Arthur or Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Views were limited from the tops but still a fun day.
The car park. Culter Fell in the background?

Hammer Head's in the clouds!

Culter Fell, I presume, looming in the mist.

The route partly follows the John Buchan Way. There's two memorial benches on the way. The birth years of both match my Mum's (1929) and Dad's (1924). Made me remember them.
2nd memorial bench just where you leave the Jon Buchan Way and follow the path to Broughton Heights

View from the 2nd memorial bench back down the John Buchan Way to the start.

The gate and stile between Broomy Side and Clover Law

The view on the other side of the stile. From hereon to the top of Broughton Heights at Pyked Stane Hill it was cloud all the way.

The trig lurking in the mist.

Once back at the bench and out of the cloud, headed back along the John Buchan Way, with Penvalla in the cloud ahead. The name sounds a bit Arthurian to my uneducated ears hence my thinking about the Monty Python and all that. Probably this all came to mind because of being close to Drumelzier and its links with Merlin.
Penvalla and Mid Hill

Headed up Hammer Head where I thought the view from the cairn along to Trahenna was pretty cool with the swirling cloud.

Once on Trahenna itself, it was back into the cloud.
The fence junction for the turn-off to the actual top of Trahenna

Is that Drumelzier?

The actual top of Trahenna seems to be a grassy mound.
The grassy knoll? Scratch that. Mound.

Hills being the fickle things that they are, on my way down Trahenna decided briefly to poke its top out of the mist.
Trahenna top