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Miles of views from Mile Hill

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:42 pm
by Alfachick

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The route taken.

I took the "classic" route in from the North. Parking at the old gatehouse to Balintore castle. On a quick side note does anyone else here follow the restoration blog for that? It really is some epic reading!

Anyway, I walked along the track past the woods and sadly a generations old dump for the locals it seems, lots of old fridges, freezers, tvs and washing machines. Not great for the environment all those potential CFCs being released into the atmosphere, not to mention the other contaminants and the general eyesore of it. I had to endure it so, so will you.

Mile Hill - 1 (5).jpg
Generation dumping ground

Following the track round the edge of the woods, and the edge of the felled woods the objective stays in view.

Mile Hill - 1.jpg
Mile Hill on the approach

A brisk walk along easy going farm track with a couple of gates to navigate. Past Gairlaw and round the track a bit looking for an easy way up. Found a 4x4 track leading up through a field to a gate at the top of the field onto the hill proper. So started the inevitable up. Its quite a steep wee hill this especially for my post Christmas indulgence self. The 4x4 track peeters out pretty quickly after passing through the gate at the top of the field so its a case of choosing your line of attack and just going for it.

Gained the top and gained the views, and they were pretty good ones considering the diminutive size of this hill.

Mile Hill - 1 (2).jpg
Loch of Lintrathen in the middle distance

Mile Hill - 1 (3).jpg
Looking south east

Mile Hill - 1 (4).jpg
Rainbow over Cat Law

Return was by the same route. I have to admit I was not keen on doing this hill, hubby had to chase me out the door this morning. Glad to have done it, unlikely to return.